AXIAL SCX10™ Dingo and Honcho Driving in the SNOW

From: axialvideos

Date: 06-07-2012 | Views: 10514

AXIAL SCX10™ Dingo™ and Honcho™ GO OVERLAND DO EXPEDITION in the SNOW The Axial SCX10™ Honcho™ and Dingo™ doing a little exploration in the snow for an upcoming print advertisement. Shot on location in Mt. Baldy, California. The Axial SCX10™ Honcho™ and Dingo™ Blend the perfect amount of versatility, performance, and durability, the SCX10™ line of vehicles truly represent a "Do Expedition, Go Adventure" spirit to . The realistic C-Channel ladder frame chassis, 4WD, coil over-oil filled shock absorbers, true beadlock wheels and Pro-Line Flat Iron tires on the SCX10™ line makes it one of the most diverse R/C vehicles on the planet. Adventure the wild with an Axial SCX10™ and bring your adventure dreams to reality. DISCLAIMER: These trucks are professionally waterproof prepared for overland adventures without the use of snorkels.