RECON G6 Challenge MADDNESS - March 12, 2011 Sparks, Nevada

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Date: 06-13-2013 | Views: 7174

RECON G6 Challenge round 4, dubbed "Maddness," was held in Sparks Nevada at the Rivers Edge RV Park. On the course, G6 Challengers navigated their way along portions of the Beckwourth Trail located alongside the Truckee River of what will be remembered as the "MADDNESS 300!" as in 300 course-marker gates! At designated points along the trail, the G6 course-markers challenged drivers to navigate portions of the Truckee River itself along with various terrain and obstacles with three hundred course marker gates! YES, 300 GATES! This is the largest number of gates used for an R/C course to date! While most R/C enthusiasts are familiar with the round-de-round racetrack format or even the 3-course technical crawl formula, the G6 Challenge is totally unique. If you are familiar with 1:1 motorsports rally and/or the Camel Trophy Series [point A to point B], such events are RECON's inspiration for the G6 Challenge where it is more about battling the course with comrades, tactics and mechanical survival. Although this is the inaugural year for the RECON G6 Challenge, the events have delivered excitement and pushed boundaries; elements of what a real adventure should deliver -- the unknown! You can find more information about the RECON G6 Challenge here: Event coverage can also be found on our blog: