Axial 8 Spoke 1/8th Monster Truck Wheel (Black)

Go big with the new Axial 8 Spoke Oversize monster truck wheels. All Axial wheels are made from super strong composite material and come in several high quality finishes so you can customize the look of your truck. The 17mm hex is fast becoming the standard for super strong durability and light weight performance. For those that don’t want to step up to the 17mm just quite yet all the Axial wheels include an adapter set that allows you to fit them to current 14mm hex hubs. The 8 Spoke Oversize wheels will fit directly on to most 1/8 scale vehicles and fit all Axial Oversize Tires as well as Pro-Line 40 series

• Cool oversize modern look wheels
• 4 finishes to choose from (White, Black, Chrome, Black Chrome)
• Super strong composite material
• Fits 17mm hex hubs, includes an adapter for standard 14mm applications