Jeep NuKizer 715 Body - .040" (Clear)
Time after time concept vehicles are produced, displayed, praised and shortly there after, forgotten. Yet in the case of the Jeep® brand, concept vehicles tend to develop cult like followings, thus prompting Jeep® to keep those creative juices flowing with continual development of timeless concept vehicles. The Jeep® Nukizer 715 concept vehicle revealed back in 2010 at the 45th Annual Easter Jeep® Safari in Moab Utah, cult status has been achieved yet again. Here’s a brief download behind what inspired the Jeep® Nukizer 715 build…

Roll back the clock to 1967 through 1969; Jeep® was commissioned to build military service vehicles intended to replace the aging Dodge® M37. Acting as the general guideline behind the project was the Jeep® Gladiator, introduced in 1962 with continued production until 1971. After the 1971 model year Jeep® dropped the Gladiator name in lieu of a more conventional naming, i.e. J2000 and J4000. With a total production run of approximately 33,000 units, the Kaiser M715 series was broken down into four different models; M715 (cargo/troop carrier), M724 (cab/chassis), M725 (ambulance) and M726 (telephone maintenance). All M715 vehicles used the 231 ci (3.8L) OHC Tornado inline six-cylinder engine connected to a Warner T-98 four-speed manual transmission and NP200 two-speed transfer case featuring a 1.91:1 low range. Axle wise, the M715 used Dana 60’s up front and Dana 70 full-floater’s in the back with a 5.81:1 gear ratio. The Kaiser M715 was commonly referred to as “1 ¼ ton” or “Five quarter ton truck”.
Looking back on the Kaiser M715’s background the Jeep® brand had some big shoes to fill when it came to producing a modern day concept of such an iconic vehicle. To achieve this Jeep used the J8 mil-spec Wrangler® chassis coupled with an AEV Brute Pickup bed intended for the TJ as its building blocks. Wheelbase was stretched to 124 inches from the stock 116 inches. Keeping with the iconic M-715 look, the entire front clip was constructed from carbon fiber and designed around the original forward slant look. Dynatrac Pro-Rock Dana 44 axles were placed up front, Dana 60 axles out back, all stuffed with 5:38 gearing and ARB Airlockers. All of which was linked up to an Atlas II transfer case, custom drive shafts, 38-inch BFG Mud Terrains mounted on Hutchinson beadlock wheels. Under the hood you’ll find a re-programmed J8 2.8L inline four-cylinder VM Motori diesel engine. 

With the help of the Jeep® brand, Axial has created a stunning replica of the Jeep® Nukizer 715 that’s scaled around 12” wheelbase SCX10 vehicles and compatible with the SCX10 Wheel Wells (AX31150). Wheelbase can be easily adjusted by using the SCX10 TR Links Set 12” (AX31142). Included with the body is a full decal sheet, easy to install LED light buckets, front and rear body assemblies, all necessary body hardware and window mask sheet. (LED lights sold separately)
REQUIRED ITEMS (not included)
Jeep® NuKizer 715 Body - .040" (Clear)