NVS - Night Visions System

The ultimate level in detail you can now add the NVS light system which features controls for headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and right/left turn signals, as well as some extra auxiliary lighting.

• When going forward the headlights brighten, when the brakes are applied the brake lights will brighten
• Turn left or right and the blinkers will signal your turn
• The main control box is a nice compact size measuring 47x32x23mm ~ 1.8x 1.25x0.9” (Width x Depth x Height)
• External on/off switch so you can mount it remotely to make it easier to reach
• Separate on/off switch for auxiliary lighting mounted on main control box
• Separate light connectors for up to 10 LED light strings
• Additional/replacement LED light strings are available
• Use Simple LED controller - AX24257 as an alternative
Includes the following LED light strings:
     (1) Double LED light string for headlights (White LED)
     (1) Double LED light string for brake lights (Red LED)
     (2) Double LED light strings for turn signals (Orange LED)
     (1) 5 LED light string for auxiliary lights (White LED)