2.2 Raceline Renegade Wheels - 41mm Wide (Black) (2pcs)
Color $10.50

Axial Racing is constantly thinking outside of the box, looking to bring their clients the most bang for their buck and provide an RC experience second to none. When the Axial team is designing their scale models, they do so as though they were building the full-size version to get in it and drive it hard. When it came time to choose the proper wheel for the Wraith™, there was really only one option, Raceline! If you have ever been out to a rock racing competition you have probably seen Raceline wheels. Raceline is by far the most popular wheel for extreme duty off-roading. Their ability to stand up to the abuse demanded by the full-size racer and their show quality finish is second to none. Axial is proud to announce the officially licensed Raceline Renegade wheel as standard equipment on the Axial Wraith™. The Raceline Renegade gives the Wraith™ that authentic racing look as well as providing the strength to handle whatever you can dish out! The wheel is available in both chrome and black.