Axial 32RR-1 Engine (Black)

Axial 32RR-1 Nitro Engine

    Based on our popular .28RR this engine is designed to be more efficient and output more power than the previous .32 engine while still delivering monster torque!
    True ABC (Aluminum Brass Chrome) sleeve construction for durability
    Composite 9.0mm slide carburetor includes 8.0 and 8.5mm optional air venturi’s
    Carburetor features quick and easy needle settings for resetting to factory specifications
    Reliable pull start – no starter box needed
    Machined aluminum heat sink head features increased surface area for better cooling
    Black aluminum crankcase
    Black aluminum heat sink with laser etching
    Dual bushing aluminum connecting rod
    Balanced crankshaft for improved RPM and efficiency
    - Turbo button head available
    - Roto-start backplate available
    - Bumpstart backplate available