AX31150-i001 - SCX10 Wheel Wells - .040 (Clear)

AX31267-i001 - Jeep NuKizer 715 Body - .040 (Clear)

AX31268-i001 - Jeep Mighty FC Body - .040 (Clear)

AX31302-i001 - TT-380 SCORE® Trophy Truck® Body - .040 (Clear)

AX31310-i001 - TT-380 SCORE® Retro Trophy Truck® Body .040 (Clear)

AX31327-i001 - RR10 Bomber Body - .040 (Clear)


AX24204-i001 - AX-2 Transmitter Instructions

AX24206-i001 - AX-3 Transmitter Instructions

AX24250-i001 - AE-1 ESC Instructions and Specs

AX24251-i001 - NVS Instructions and Specs

AX24257-i001 - Simple LED Controller w LED lights (4 white and 2 red)

AX24259-i001 - AE-2 ESC Instructions and Specs

AX24259-i001 - Manually Programming the AE-2 ESC

AX24260-i001 - Manually Programming the AE-3 ESC

AX31091-i001 - AE-4 Vanguard XL ESC

AX31097-i001 - 3 Port High Output LED Controller

AX31144-i001 - AE-5 Waterproof Forward-Reverse ESC w-Drag Brake


AX001-i001 - 28 and 32 Spec-1 Engine Instructions and Spare Parts

AX0300-i001 - 21RR-1 Engine Instrcutions and Spare Parts

AX0320-i001 - 28 Spec-2 Engine Instrcutions and Spare Parts

AX0331-i001 - 28RR-2 Engine Instructions and Spare Parts

AX0332-i001 - 32RR-1 Engine Instrcutions and Spare Parts


AX90001-i002 - AX10™ Scorpion KIT

AX90002-i001 - AX10™ Scorpion RTR

AX90004-i001 - AX10™ Scorpion ARTR

AX90007-i001 - SXC10™ KIT

AX90011-i001 - AX10™ Scorpion RTC

AX90012-i001 - SCX10™-TR with Dingo™ Body

AX90014-i001 - SCX10™ TR with Trail Honcho Body KIT

AX90015-i001 - EXO™ Terra Buggy KIT

AX90016-i001 - SCX10™ TR with Trail Honcho Body RTR

AX90017-i001 - XR10™ with Hardline Body KIT

AX90018-i001 - Wraith™ RTR

AX90019-i001 - AX10™ Ridgecrest™ RTR

AX90020-i002 - Wraith™ KIT

AX90021-i001 - SCX10™ Dingo KIT

AX90022-i001 - SCX10™ Honcho RTR

AX90024-i001 - EXO™ Terra Buggy RTR

AX90025-i001 - Yeti™ 1-10th Scale Electric 4WD Kit

AX90026-i001 - Yeti™ 1-10th Scale RTR

AX90027-i001 - SCX10™-2012 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited Rubicion KIT

AX90028-i001 - SCX10™-2012 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited Rubicion RTR

AX90031-i001 - Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ Poison Spyder Rock Racer RTR

AX90032-i002 - Yeti™ XL 1-8th Scale RTR

AX90033-i001 - AX10™ Deadbolt™ RTR

AX90034-i001 - SCX10™ Jeep® Wrangler G6 Kit

AX90035-i001 - SCX10™ 2012 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited C-R Edition RTR

AX90036-i001 - SCX10™ Jeep® Wrangler G6 Falken Edition RTR

AX90037-i001 - SCX10™ Ram Power Wagon RTR

AX90038-i001 - Yeti™ XL 1-8th Scale Electric 4WD - Kit

AX90044-i001 - SCX10™ Deadbolt™ RTR

AX90045-i001 - Wraith Spawn 1-10th Scale - RTR

AX90046-i001 - SCX10 II™ 2000 Jeep® Cherokee Kit

AX90047-i001 - SCX10 II™ 2000 Jeep® Cherokee RTR

AX90048-i001 - RR10 Bomber RTR

AX90050-i001 - Yeti™ SCORE™ Trophy Truck™ 1-10 Scale 4WD RTR

AX90052-i001 - Yeti Jr.™ SCORE® Trophy Truck® 1-18th Scale 4WD - RTR

AX90053-i001 - RR10 Bomber 1-10th Scale Electric 4WD - Kit

AX90054-i001 - Yeti Jr.™ 1-18th Scale 4WD - RTR

AX90055-i001 - Grave Digger Monster Truck RTR

AX90056-i001 - Wraith Spawn 1-10th Scale - Kit

AX90068-i001 - Yeti™ SCORE® Trophy Truck® 1-10 Scale 4WD – Kit


AX30091-i001 - 67-90mm Shock Set 10mm Piston

AX30092-i001 - 72-103mm Shock Set 10mm Piston

AX30103-i001 - Icon 61-90mm Aluminum Shock Set

AX30415-i001 - EXO™ Front Universal Joint Axle Set

AX30417-i001 - EXO™ Rear Universal Joint Axle Set

AX30434-i001 - XR10™ Stage 3 Aluminum High-Clearance Links Kit

AX30487-i001 - AX10 Locked Transmission Set

AX30506-i001 - Bender Customs AX10 SWX Chassis

AX30549-i001 - SCX10™ TR Links Set 11.4in

AX30550-i001 - SCX10™ TR Links Set 12.3in

AX30709-i001 - Universal 5 Bucket Light Bar Set

AX30781-i001 - Wraith™ Front Sway Bar

AX30782-i001 - Wraith™ Rear Sway Bar

AX30793-i001 - Dig Component Set

AX30797-i001 - Wraith™ Stage 1 Aluminum Links Kit

AX30803-i001 - EXO™ Front Sway Bar Set

AX30804-i001 - EXO™ Rear Sway Bar Set

AX30831-i001 - AR60™ OCP Front Axle Set

AX31133-i001 - WB8-HD Driveshaft Set

AX31140-i001 - Y-380 1-10th Scale Body - .040 (Clear)

AX31141-i001 - Y-380 1-10th Scale Interior - .040 (Clear)

AX31142-i001 - SCX10™ TR Links Set - 12.0in (305mm) WB

AX31152-i001 Universal Rigid Light Bar Set

AX31171-i001 - Shock Set Assembly 10mm Piston

AX31181-i001 - Yeti™ 2-Speed Hi-Lo Transmission Components

AX31249-i001 Yeti Turnbuckle Set (Aluminum)

AX31251-i001 - Yeti XL Front Sway Bar Set

AX31252-i001 - Yeti XL Rear Sway Bar Set

AX31254-i001 - Yeti XL Turnbuckle Set

AX31264-i001 - XL Lower Link Plate Set

AX31290-i001 - AR60 OCP Full Width Axle Adpater Set

AX31331-i001 - RR10 Rear Sway Bar Set

AX31340-i001 - RR10 Aluminum Links Set

AX31342-i001 - TT-380 Roll Cage Tire Carrier


AX90015-s001 - EXO Setup Sheet (Andrew O'Bannon)

AX90015-s001 - EXO Setup Sheet (Blank)

AX90017-s001 - XR10 Setup Sheet (Blank)

AX90017-s001 - XR10 Setup Sheet (Brad Dumont)

AX90017-s001 - XR10 Setup Sheet (Brandon Coonce)


AX08141-i001 - 2.2 Trail Ready HD Series Wheels w-Slim Ring Beadlock

AX31118-i001 - 2.2 Walker Evans Wheels - IFD™ Wheels

AX31178-i001 - 2.2 Method Beadlock Wheels - IFD™ Wheels

AX31309-i001 - 2.2 3.0 Method 105 Wheels – 41mm