2010 Axial West Coast Championship Series

By Axial Staff on Jan 08, 2010

More information on:

Rules, Locations and Itinerary … more

4 Door Hi-Lux Build – Part II

By Axial Staff on Jan 08, 2010

Part II of Mike’s ongoing 4 door Hi-Lux build. … more

Rock Crawling Comp in Japan

By Axial Staff on Jan 06, 2010

Axial Racing’s good friend Yoshiaki Kataoka put on one of the biggest R/C Rock Crawling comps to date in Japan recently. With 50+ competitors shooting it out to see who will be #1. They broke the competitors into 5 groups … more

Bender’s Honcho Build

By Axial Staff on Jan 06, 2010

Well, I finally got a chance to build myself one of our new Honcho kits (part #AX90014). I’ve only got a couple battery packs through it so far and it is a blast. I haven’t added any weight to the … more

Installing the Axial Light Buckets

By Axial Staff on Dec 15, 2009

Here is a quick How-To, on installing the Axial Light Buckets on a lexan body. Part needed: AX80045 - Axial Light Bucket Set (Black) AX80049 - Axial LED Lens Set – Yellow/Clear (4pcs) AX24257 - Simple LED Controller w/LED lights (4 white and … more

New Axial SCX10 Accessories

By Axial Staff on Dec 15, 2009

Axial has just stepped it up again with the recent release of the new Axial Trail Honcho kit, along with the scale accessories that are included and sold separately. I could not wait to get a set of the new … more

4 Door Hi-Lux Build on an SCX10

By Axial Staff on Dec 14, 2009

Mike Lohmann is one of the top scale R/C builders on He has built numerous scale rigs over the years that would fool most people into thinking it is the real thing. Mike has decided to share his latest build with us here on Axial’s Blog. This will be an ongoing build with many installations over the next few months detailing exactly how he goes about this particular custom build from electronics used to body work tips and interior/exterior details etc. Watch as Mike grafts 2 Hi-Lux bodies into one custom 4 door build using a lot of glue, styrene, and patience. … more

Converting Your SCX10 TR to Aluminum

By Axial Staff on Dec 11, 2009

Even though the SCX10 TR’s plastic suspension and steering links are very durable, we have had a handful of requests sent to us wondering what it takes to swap out the plastic links on a TR to aluminum for even … more

Axial SCX10 Facebook Mini Prize Give-Away!

By Axial Staff on Dec 02, 2009

The Facebook Mini Prize Give-Away is now over! Thank you for everyone that participated. Check out the winners… … more

New Gibson Stainless Steel Exhaust for the Jeep

By Axial Staff on Dec 01, 2009

Well, I finally got a chance to have the new exhaust installed on the Jeep. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am in the process of switching out from Colorado plates to California license plates. My old exhaust … more