James & Joel – Father and Son Crawling Team

By Axial Staff on Sep 29, 2009

I recently asked my Friend James for pictures of him and his son. When I lived in Northern California these two would always be out crawling at the local meet up’s and competitions. It was great to see somebody as … more

SCX10 TR Tagline Mini-Contest Entries

By Axial Staff on Sep 21, 2009

The SCX10 TR Mini-Contest is officially over! Check out the tag lines that were considered and the winners! … more

BR50 Body on an SC8e

By Axial Staff on Sep 11, 2009

I decided to try and paint up a new BR50 body (Part #AX4015) for my personal BR50, with an old school 80′s look. Also mounted it up to Brandon’s SC8e to see if it would work. I had to remove … more

First Woman to Win a Comp

By Axial Staff on Sep 10, 2009

BPRCA driver Shannon Davis won her first competition recently in the Sacramento area. It was round 3 of the 4 comp series at CCRC. Shannon made the trip out with a few fellow BPRCA drivers to see how they’d measure … more

Pro-Line World Championships of Rock Crawling

By Axial Staff on Sep 09, 2009

For the last 3 years the United States Radio Controlled Crawler Association, or USRCCA, has held their Nationals in Moab, Utah at Potato Salad Hill. With the rapid growth in RC rock crawling over the last few years these national … more

SCX10 Tagline Mini-Contest – A Trail Rig So Capable….

By Axial Staff on Sep 01, 2009

We all know how capable the SCX10 is, but who better to tell us how capable it is other than you. So far the marketing department has only come up with these sub-par “War Admiral” 2nd rate taglines. (*who’s War Admiral? that … more

RD’s Adventures – Offroading

By Randall Davis on Aug 31, 2009

We also love offroading too! … more

Brandon’s Trail Ranger: Axial Bumper Set Installed

By Axial Staff on Aug 25, 2009

With the release of Axial’s SCX10 RTR I just had to see if I could get the bumper set to fit my Trail Ranger. Much like the installation of the rock sliders its going to take some modification due to … more

Product Release: SCX10 TR (Trail Ready)

By Axial Staff on Aug 24, 2009

[nggallery id=34] SIDENOTE: Some may think this is what we were referring to in our ad “The Quiet Before the Storm”, but consider this only cloudy skies. There’s more to come, and this is just the beginning.


Holy Jim Canyon Trail

By Axial Staff on Aug 21, 2009

Took the Jeep out to Holy Jim Canyon here in SoCal recently for a little R&D session. I also brought our marketing juggernaut Greg Taniguchi along for the ride. Holy Jim Canyon isn’t the toughest trail by any means, but … more