RECON G6 – Taters and Kilts

By AR on Mar 26, 2014

RECON G6 Presents Taters and Kilts Rollins Lake, Colfax, California March 15, 2014 Last year, the RECON G6 held an event at Rollins Lake. You can read about it here: The event was such a huge success that RECON G6 … more

RECON G6 – Birthday Bash 3

By AR on Mar 25, 2014

RECON G6 Presents Birthday Bash 3 Wingfield Park, Reno, Nevada December 7, 2013 It’s still hard to believe the RECON G6 is three years old. It seems both older and newer at the same time. On one hand, it seems … more

RECON G6 The Wild Turkey

By AR on Dec 26, 2013

RECON G6 Challenge Presents The Wild Turkey G6 November 9, 2013 Sugar Pine Reservoir, Forest Hill, California I am a little spoiled. RECON G6 founder, Parker, is my neighbor. He lives less than five miles from my house, and therefore I … more

RECON G6 Paranormal Scale Activity

By AR on Oct 20, 2013

RECON G6 Presents Paranormal Scale Activity Haunted Rock Park, Sparks, Nevada October 19, 2013 This was the third year that the RECON G6 held an event at Rock Park. Each October in conjunction with the Halloween spirit, the RECON Crew … more

RECON G6 – The Rock Beast Blues RECAP

By AR on Aug 15, 2013

RECON G6 – The Rock Beast Blues – Bloomsdale, Missouri – July 20, 2013 Presented by Pit Bull Tires and hosted by Custom Differentials Words and Photos by Matt Soileau Immediately after the Canadian RECON G6 was the Missouri RECON … more

Canadian RECON G6 – Search for South Bay Bessie

By AR on Jul 31, 2013

RECON G6 Challenge - The Search for South Bay Bessie Presented by Average Joe’s RC Vineland, Ontario, Canada - July 13, 2013 Story by Matthew Soileau / Photos by Anthony Rivas The RECON G6 Challenge had their first excursion outside of the USA … more

AXIALFEST 2013 Recon G6 Intel – Class / Vehicle / Stage / Rules / Guidelines

By Axial Staff on Jun 05, 2013

AXIALFEST 2013 RECON G6 – CLASS / VEHICLE / STAGES / RULES / GUIDELINE – Intel ALL ABOARD! The G-Train is accepting all boarding passes to our craziest stop of the year, AXIALFEST. The AXIALFEST G6 Challenge is three stages … more

RECON G6 The Devil’s Crossing

By AR on May 14, 2013

RECON G6 presents THE DEVIL’S CROSSING Las Vegas, Nevada May 4 & 5, 2013 After a the transcontinental journal from Florida, the G Train arrived in Las Vegas.  The Devil’s Crossing G6 was held at the Logandale OHV Area which … more

RECON G6 Silver Springs Treasure Hunt

By AR on May 07, 2013

RECON G6 Silver Springs Treasure Hunt Ocala, Florida April 27-28, 2013 Photos by Brian Parker and Anthony Rivas The RECON G6 started its first cross country tour in true G6 fashion.  That is A.D.V.E.N.T.U.R.E.  What was supposed to be a … more

Axial RECON G6 – Hunt for UNIO Report – Oroville, CA

By AR on Apr 29, 2013

RECON G6 Challenge presents The Hunt for Unio Saturday, April 20, 2012 Bald Rock Trailhead, Oroville, California RECON must be doing something right.  Why else would I be waking up early on a Saturday morning to drive over three hours … more