Axial “SCX10JK” Armor – Poison Spyder Rocker Armor and Rocker Knockers

By Axial on Mar 28, 2012

We are starting to get extremely excited about Project “SCX10JK” . We have been at Rebel Off Road almost every day checking out the progress of the build. Those guys really make quick work of the parts install. Standing there … more

CCS Crawler Club – Competition in Venezuela

By Axial Staff on Mar 28, 2012

Recently I have been heading up the twitter account for Axial racing. Overall I have found some great and interesting tweets, but nothing as awesome as this!Who knew RC rock crawling was so big in Venezuela?I sure didn’t…but either way, … more

Jeep Concept Vehicles to be Unveiled at Easter Jeep Safari 2012

By Axial on Mar 28, 2012

With all this effort and research we have been doing on Jeep vehicles for our new “SCX10JK” build, we have been finding a lot of really cool stuff. One thing we noticed right away is that the people behind the … more

Axial “SCX10JK” Armor – Poison Spyder Crusher Flares and Crusher Corners

By Axial on Mar 27, 2012

The next stage of our 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon dubbed “SCX10JK” involves some protection, styling and clearance. We headed back over to Rebel Off Road to check on the progression of our build, and they are busy working on the … more

Axial “SCX10JK” – Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension

By Axial on Mar 26, 2012

We have officially placed the Axial 2012 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited “SCX10JK” in the capable hands of Rebel Off Road for them to start the build. The first thing on the to do list was a proper suspension system. We have … more

Axial Visits Rebel Off Road

By Axial on Mar 23, 2012

Now that we have this 2012 Jeep to build, dubbed “SCX10JK” , we headed back over to Rebel Off Road to start developing a game plan to get it trail ready! Rebel Off-road is famous for making some of the … more

OLIVER KNIVES Official Technical Partner of AXIALFEST 2012

By Axial on Mar 22, 2012

Axial R/C Inc. is proud to announce OLIVER KNIVES will be joining us again as Official Technical Partner of AXIALFEST 2012! Dwane Oliver, head of Northern New Mexico Rock Crawling RC Club and chapter member of RECON Crawlers, is also … more

EXO Terra Buggy Build Tips: Motor Mount

By Axial on Mar 21, 2012

The Axial EXO Terra buggy includes a very unique motor mount.  The adjustable mesh screw and the dovetail groove are both unique designs for ease of adjustment and maximum holding strength with minimal effort. Lets go over the basic installation … more

Axial 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

By Axial on Mar 19, 2012

Last week we were talking about Jeff Johns and his search of the best trail rig for his needs, see previous blog post here. The strongest argument going was the idea of building a full size Honcho, which would be … more

The Full Size Connection

By Axial on Mar 16, 2012

Axial is different than any company I have ever worked with before. These guys are the real deal enthusiasts; the parking lot at the Axial offices is regularly decorated with capable off-road trail rigs. This enthusiasm for full scale adventure … more