Axial Wraith Sneak Peek Video

By Axial on Mar 31, 2011

What started as a fresh start with a clean slate for the Axial Research and Development team, has only lived in spirit in the eyes of the public until recent, resulting in vague images of uncertainty. The Wraith, while it … more

Brandon’s Formula Offroad Build: Part 1

By Axial Staff on Mar 29, 2011

The latest buzz around Axial has come about after Bender introduced us to Formula Offroad. I was aware of this sport and always enjoyed watching the 1:1 videos, but it never really hit me to build a RC replica of one before. I am a huge fan of Scale RC, so anything I can get my hands on and modify to closely resemble the real thing just adds to the fun factor. The looks of the 1:1 formula offroad vehicles are a bit odd compared to what we normally see offroad in the states, but you can tell that they are built purely with performance in mind. … more

Tanner Foust of TOP GEAR at AXIAL Inc.

By Axial on Mar 23, 2011

Tanner Foust of TOP GEAR, master driving talent and most importantly for our little R/C world, Tanner has a long history within the R/C community! Look for an interview with him in an upcoming video on The Radio Control Show. … more

Installing Axial’s New XR10 HD Gear Plate

By Axial Staff on Mar 22, 2011

Now that the new gear plates are hitting the market, I figured it was the perfect time for a quick how to article. XR10 HD Gear Plate (AX30787) First thing we’ll need to do is remove one of the axles … more

Bender’s Formula Offroad Build: Part 1

By Axial Staff on Mar 21, 2011

Formula Offroad (aka FOFF) is a sport that has always intrigued me. These guys have to be some of the craziest/bravest drivers in all of motor sports. They build these custom “Jeeps” sporting upwards of 1000hp and nitrous to climb … more

New Axial Ripsaw Tires Now Shipping

By Axial Staff on Mar 16, 2011

That’s right! Axial’s new 2.2 scale tire is now available through Axial distributors. The Ripsaw tires (#AX12015) feature a super sticky R35 compound, molded ribbing between the lugs to help keep mud and snow from packing into the tire tread, … more

RECON G6 Challenge MADDNESS Sparks, Nevada

By Axial on Mar 15, 2011

RECON G6 Challenge “MADDNESS” Round 4 Rivers Edge RV Park – Sparks, Nevada March 12, 2011 RECON G6 Challenge round 4, dubbed “Maddness,” was held in Sparks Nevada at the Rivers Edge RV Park. On the course, G6 Challengers navigated … more

2011 Motorama

By Axial Staff on Mar 15, 2011

February 19-20, 2011: The 3rd Annual Motorama US Indoor Rockcrawling Challenge was again in Harrisburg, PA. John “Rckcrwlr” Thornton, in conjunction with his team from Western PA Crawlers (, successfully transformed a huge open building into a USRCCA National Qualifier … more

Axial’s Muddy Wraith

By Axial on Mar 08, 2011

So, I guess the word is out that we are releasing a new vehicle.While everyone is wanting it, “LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!,” we are still doing our initial playing, I mean testing. Did I say that out loud? And we have … more