Suspension Tuning 101, Part 1

By AR on Jan 29, 2013

Most non-enthusiasts have no idea how well engineered hobby-grade RC vehicles are. Take, for example, the Axial Racing EXO Terra Buggy, which has a remarkably sophisticated suspension.  To take full advantage of the suspension design, you must understand the key … more

Suspension Tuning 101, Part 2

By AR on Jan 28, 2013

You have probably noticed that your Axial Racing vehicle has options for mounting items such as the shocks or camber links. These options allow you to tune for maximum performance. Well, they allow you to tune for maximum performance if … more

How to Properly Perform Repairs

By AR on Jan 27, 2013

You broke it. Now what? You could do what most people do with their full-size vehicles when something goes wrong and pay someone to repair it, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, you’re the one that hit that tree … more

Basic Driving Techniques from Full-size Off-road

By AR on Jan 26, 2013

The trail ahead has an off-camber turn with a mix of some large rocks and loose dirt—a bad combination. You have to side hill precariously while turning to the right. To the left is a drop off that will be … more

Axial AE-2 ESC Set-up and Programming

By Axial Staff on Aug 18, 2011

Set-up tips for installing and programming Axial’s AE-2 ESC. Set-up: 1. Mount ESC in an area that is well ventilated, and isolated from vibration and shock. 2. Connect ESC wires to the motor(s). 3. Plug the receiver wire into the … more

Wraith Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

By Axial Staff on Aug 16, 2011

It’s inevitable, if you drive your R/C’s like they should be driven they are going to get dirty. Like everything else worth having, they will need to be cleaned/maintained. Especially if you drive your rigs in mud and water. While … more

SCX10 KIT – Basic Beginners “How To” Build Video: 14-Episodes

By AR on Apr 13, 2011

Have you ever built a kit? Thinking about building your first kit? If you want to see what it takes to tackle a SCX10 KIT BUILD, you might want to check out this video build series. Our buddy over at … more

Upgrades for the SCX10, XR10 and RTC

By Axial Staff on Jan 20, 2011

We receive numerous questions from people asking what option parts they should upgrade to first. Half the fun of this hobby, to me, is wrenching and upgrading components. But, it can be tough to sort through information to see what … more