Waterproof Your Receiver

By AR on Nov 06, 2014

There are a lot of opinions being shared on how to waterproof electronics items, such receivers. The downside on most of the techniques is that they void the warranties of the products they are supposed to protect. Even worse, they often don’t … more

Understanding Tire Wear

By AR on Oct 24, 2014

Tires are inarguably one of the most significant deciding factors when it comes to determining the real-world capability of a vehicle. Tires will make or break a RC vehicle. In the case of crawlers, where a lack of traction can … more

The Truth About Waterproof

By AR on Oct 22, 2014

When an RC vehicle has “waterproof” stamped on the box, what does that really mean? Most people believe that you can drive that vehicle in water without any harm coming to the vehicle or any of its components—it’s waterproof, after … more

Properly Build Suspension and Steering Links

By AR on Oct 20, 2014

Building Axial’s aluminum suspension and steering links isn’t tricky business, but if you don’t perform the task correctly, you can create problems. Follow these steps for perfectly built links. The 3x16mm set screw (AXA186) threads into the plastic rod end, not the … more

Mount Scale Accessories

By AR on Oct 14, 2014

Axial Racing’s scale accessories are designed to be easy to attach to a body, but there are steps you can take to get more realistic results and to ensure the scale accessories stay put. Mirrors Side mirrors might be small, … more

Decal Removal

By AR on Oct 13, 2014

While it’s a task most of us rush to get done, applying decals can be tricky. Less than careful work can yield crooked decals with creases and air bubbles. But, what about removing decals? When you peel decals right after … more

How to Remove Stripped Screws

By AR on Oct 02, 2014

The hardware fails, but the part is fine. This is the opposite of what we expect to happen. As it happens on full-size vehicles, it also happens in RC. Usually in RC, it’s a small set screw or flat head screw. … more

Brushed vs. Brushless Motors

By AR on Sep 30, 2014

Axial Racing RTR vehicles come with either two types of motors, brushed or brushless. To better understand why Axial offers the two different types, it’s helpful to know the key differences between the two designs. As you’d expect, both designs have … more

Make Your Own RC Vehicle Field Tool Pack

By AR on Sep 26, 2014

When you’re enjoying a trail run with your SCX10 or other Axial vehicle, the last thing you want is for a simple problem to end your day early. Going home before the fun ends is, well, no fun at all. … more

Pre-Run Checks

By AR on Sep 24, 2014

Have you ever heard the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? This is profoundly true when it comes to RC. A little prevention–a quick once over, really–will go a long way towards ensuring nothing … more