By Axial on Apr 13, 2012

While in Moab for Easter Jeep Safari we created a mountain of footage to go through and just wanted to share a quick little clip for your weekend viewing pleasure.


Budget XR10 Build

By Axial on May 06, 2011

Most people know that the XR10 is meant to be a full on comp specific crawler. But, it can also be built up as a backyard/sportsman class crawler as well. I am going to guess that 95% of the XR10′s … more

Team Carnage Crew XR10 Build

By Axial on Apr 12, 2011

Team Carnage Crew’s Aaron Dusenbery builds an XR10 on Pirate 4×4′s forum. Link to build: A few links to Aaron’s 1:1 fab work: 1950 Mercury Build Custom Motorcycles Couple more custom builds


XR10 Heavy Duty Machined Gear Install

By Axial on Jan 27, 2011

We just received the new heavy duty machined gear sets and titanium gear shafts for the XR10 at the Axial warehouse. The new gears and shafts are CNC machined for the ultimate fit and finish, and include fresh drive pins … more

Video Tutorial – XR10 Electronics Set-up

By Axial on Jan 18, 2011

Here’s a little video covering installation of electronics in an XR10. Video covers 4PK programming and mixing, ESC/motor wiring, BEC install, etc. This should help answer a lot of questions on setting up an XR10 for front and rear dig. … more

XR10 Takes the Win in Colorado

By Axial on Nov 22, 2010

Team Axial Driver Jason Rioux recently took the win at Colorado’s latest winter series competition with his XR10. With 50 of the best drivers from Colorado in attendance, Jason still managed to pull off the win by over 20 points. … more

Brandon, Brad and Scott’s XR10 Set-Up Sheets

By Axial on Nov 17, 2010

Here’s an inside look at the XR10 set-ups that Brandon, Scott and myself run. These set-up sheets are great for documenting changes to your set-up, and the effects those changes have on your rig’s performance. Bender’s XR10 set-up sheet Brandon’s … more

Axial XR10 Team Driver Tip!

By Axial on Aug 17, 2010

Here is a cool tip for those who like to wrench on things a lot, or just like to run all the same tricks that the Team Drivers use. To help ease the time it takes to separate the axles … more

XR10 Snapshots-Axle Housings

By Axial on May 11, 2010

Well, over the next couple weeks I will be posting up some detailed pictures of various features that this kit has to offer. Today I’m going to start with one of the most critical areas, axle housings. Axle housing are the back bone of any rig that crawls in harsh terrain. If the housings aren’t up to par, then your chances of doing well at a big competition are already compromised. … more