RTR Brushed Motor Maintenance Tips

By AR on May 11, 2018

Just because you purchase a ready to run vehicle doesn’t mean it will always stay that way. Like anything mechanical, components can wear, get dirty and just need general maintenance to keep going. This holds true for any ready to run … more

Building & Tuning Axial Icon Shocks

By AR on May 01, 2018

In the world of RC racing, driver’s won’t hesitate to pull their suspension and shocks apart to rebuild or tune them in order to achieve better performance. But in the trail truck and rock racer segment, many think, you just … more

Axialfest Trail Rig Prep

By AR on Apr 13, 2018

Before you know it, Axialfest will be upon us and the last thing you want to worry about is preparing just a few days before you embark on your adventure. You want to have your adventure vehicle ready to go … more

Battery Endurance Test – Maximize Your Drive Time

By AR on Apr 11, 2018

  What is the best battery? We spend so long in the hobby trying to answer that question ourselves along with seeking opinions on the subject from others. When talking batteries, most people go right to the battery used in … more

Suspension Link Types Explained

By AR on Apr 04, 2018

There is no shortage of suspension design types in the RC world, but for trail trucks and other off-road adventure vehicles, one of the most preferred suspension styles is the link type. Links are typically a long fixed plastic bar … more

How To: Power Your Axial LED Lights

By AR on Mar 02, 2018

Lighting in a scale truck is pretty much mandatory nowadays. The new Jeep Rubicon Unlimited CRC and Honcho both feature factory equipped lights and the new AE5-L speed control to power the lights. However, if you don’t have one of … more

Schultz Lab Magnetic Body Mounting How To

By AR on Feb 20, 2018

Strange things happen in the mind of John Schultz and many times there are some great results from those endless random thoughts. Sure, you may have heard of his epic trail builds at Axialfest, but a recent mind melt session in … more

Maintain Your Driveline After Winter Weather Driving

By AR on Feb 06, 2018

Just because it’s cold, wet, snowy, icy and sometimes just miserable weather doesn’t stop the majority of Axial drivers from getting their RC drive on. All of those conditions can translate to a lot of fun, cool photos and great … more

Axial LCX Transmission Parts List

By AR on Jan 12, 2018

  Found in: SCX10 II CRC Edition 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Stock Gearing LCX: 32P 13T Pinion / 56T Spur Gear Gearing Chart 32 Pitch (Stock Gearing AX30392 or AX30395) _ Spur Gear Pinion 56 60 64 68 11 38.69 … more

Axial Yeti / RR10 Transmission Parts List

By AR on Jan 09, 2018

Found in: YETI SCORE TROPHY TRUCK / YETI / RR10 BOMBER Stock Gearing Yeti: 32P 16T Pinion / 64T Spur Gear Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck: 32P 16T Pinion / 64T Spur Gear RR10 Bomber: 32P 12T Pinion / 64T Spur … more