Convert Your AX10 to an SCX10

By Axial Staff on May 12, 2009

I decided to see how hard it would be to convert an AX10 to an SCX10. The transformation was relatively simple by just changing out some hardware here and there. Most of the stock AX10 M3 hardware can be used … more

Bender’s SWX Comp Rig at the Beach

By Axial Staff on May 04, 2009

I went out to Corona Del Mar Beach here in SoCal recently for a little test session with my comp rig. Rig Specs: Axial AX10 Transmission Axial AX10 Axles Axial/Bender Customs SWX Chassis Axial/Bender Customs Rear 4 Link Plate Axial … more

Budget RTC Build

By Axial Staff on Apr 29, 2009

We received the first few RTC kits here at the Axial warehouse a couple days ago. I snatched one up as soon as they hit the floor out back. I drove it for a couple packs in bone stock form, … more

Building Your Own Backyard Test Course

By Axial Staff on Apr 23, 2009

Most R/C rock crawlers spend countless hours tuning their rigs for optimum performance. One small modification can drastically change how your rig acts in the rocks, for better or worse. In order to tune your rig, and test it, consistently … more