BR50 Body on an SC8e

By Axial Staff on Sep 11, 2009

I decided to try and paint up a new BR50 body (Part #AX4015) for my personal BR50, with an old school 80′s look. Also mounted it up to Brandon’s SC8e to see if it would work. I had to remove … more

Brandon’s Trail Ranger: Axial Bumper Set Installed

By Axial Staff on Aug 25, 2009

With the release of Axial’s SCX10 RTR I just had to see if I could get the bumper set to fit my Trail Ranger. Much like the installation of the rock sliders its going to take some modification due to … more

Brandon’s Trail Ranger: Axial Rock Sliders Installed!

By Axial Staff on Aug 21, 2009

Just got my hands on a set of the new Axial Rock Sliders. They bolt right up to the Axial SCX10 frame using existing holes and hardware. These rock sliders will fit most bodies on the market really well. I … more

Brandon’s Trail Ranger: Axial’s Scale 4-Link Axle Truss

By Axial Staff on Jul 31, 2009

Here is a quick but very cool update on my SCX10 Trail Ranger build. Check out this new part off one of the upcoming Axial scale part tree’s. This scale axle truss converts the rear suspension to a 4-Link and … more

Brandon’s Custom SCX10 Trail Ranger Build: Paint

By Axial Staff on Jul 20, 2009

With this build starting to look ready for paint it was time to decide on a color. Because of the added body work with the styrene bed I had to make a more important decision. Paint the outside or inside … more

Brandon’s Custom SCX10 Trail Ranger Build

By Axial Staff on Jul 13, 2009

Starting with a SCX10 kit and Axial’s Trail Ranger body; Axial Part #AX4009, I decided to take this one to the next level and add some more detail to the build.  I have a lot of ideas for this SCX10, … more

Shock Building Tips

By Axial Staff on May 20, 2009

Here’s a few pointers for assembling Axial’s new comp shocks for optimum performance. Building shocks is fairly easy, but paying attention to small details makes a huge difference in how they perform. Nothing is more annoying them rebuilding a set … more

New Takashima Design XC-1 Body

By Axial Staff on May 18, 2009

Got a fresh XC-1 body painted up from in Japan for my SWX Comp Rig. The amount of detail and color in this body is amazing. The pictures really don’t do it justice.


New Rat Rod Body for my Super Crawler

By Axial Staff on May 15, 2009

I painted up a fresh body for my Clod crawler. It’s a severely cut up Rat Rod body (Part #AX4016). I used Pactra Racing Red backed with Pactra Outlaw Black.


Budget RTC Build Update

By Axial Staff on May 13, 2009

Well, I’ve got 2 weeks of run time on this budget RTC build now. So far I am very happy with how it’s performing, with little to no extra money out of pocket. Here’s a few pictures of it in … more