Camelbak Sponsors AWCC 2011

By Axial on Jun 17, 2011

Axial Inc. is proud to announce Camelbak to the sponsors list for AWCC 2011!!! ABOUT CAMELBAK: AN IDEA BORN FROM THE MOST BASIC HUMAN NEED — THIRST It’s 1988. Bicycle enthusiast, Michael Eidson, is competing in the “Hotter’N Hell 100.” … more

Prizes For AWCC 2011

By Axial on Jun 15, 2011

FROM OUR OFFICIAL SPONSORS OF AWCC 2011 Vanquish | Tekin | MaxAmps | Futaba | PIAA | TJM USA | Dragon | PureFit | Mechanix Wear | Oliver Knives | CamelBak Just unpacking some boxes as they come in from … more

Oliver Knives How-To Build for AWCC 2011 Prizes

By Axial on Jun 15, 2011

From Dwane Oliver of Oliver Knives I get this particular knife cut out at a water jet place back east. It saves me about 1.5 hrs. This is the only one I do this with. The rest of my knives … more

Axial Wraiths Recieved & Ready to Ship

By Axial on Jun 13, 2011


OLIVER KNIVES teams with RECON G6 Challenge and Axial Inc.

By Axial on Jun 10, 2011

Axial Inc. and Recon Crawlers are please to announce OLIVER KNIVES in addition to the 2011 AWCC Sponsors list. Dwane Oliver, head of Northern New Mexico Rock Crawling RC Club and chapter member of RECON Crawlers, is also a custom … more


By Axial on Jun 03, 2011

OFFICIAL SPONSORS OF AWCC 2011 Vanquish | Tekin | MaxAmps | Futaba | PIAA | TJM USA | Dragon | PureFit | Mechanix Wear | Oliver Knives | CamelBak Vanquish Products Home of new and imaginative products. Vanquish products are … more

Axial Wraith Spottings – Phase II

By Axial on Jun 03, 2011

PHASE II: More Wraith Spottings: AXIAL Wraith by JKRC – Excessive Force RC ADVENTURES – AXIAL WRAITH in Awesome Sauce – MUD SOUP! Official RCSparks Run RC ADVENTURES – AXIAL WRAITH UNBOXING A ROCK RACER! HARLEY’s WRAITH Build Thread on … more

Congratulations Tanner Foust on a New World Record

By Axial on Jun 01, 2011

We all know you have seen it already… We at Axial just want to say CONGRATULATIONS TANNER!!! Tanner set a new world record distance jump in a four-wheeled vehicle at the Indianapolis 500 on May 29th 2011. See, we’ve been … more

Axial Wraith Spottings – PHASE I

By Axial on May 26, 2011

PHASE I: Here is a collection of recent Wraith spottings as one MSD Winner won a Wraith and our media and technical partners are starting to get Wraith samples: Click the text for links: [More to come.. stay tuned!] Kaetwo’s … more

Aaron Gwin 2011 UCI USA OPEN Mountain Bike Cup Champion

By Axial on May 20, 2011

We recieved one of three signed Decline Magazine covers by Aaron Gwin after he has become the first American male in 12 years to win a downhill contest at a World Cup! CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU!!! Facebook Aaron Gwin Wikipedia Aaron … more