Brandon’s Wraith – Now with Vanquish Currie Rock Jock Axles

By Axial on Nov 26, 2013

The Vanquish fairy showed up last week and dropped these off on my desk.  My Wraith is finally getting some Currie goodness! My driver is very excited of course… Out with the old, they served me well. Thankfully BENDER already … more

Brandon’s Axial EXO RTR Terra Buggy goes Baja Bug!

By Axial on Aug 21, 2012

The Axial EXO Terra Buggy stands out due is its unique looks and construction.  The integrated cage and multi-piece body seperates it from the norm, eliminating the standard body posts and bouncy lexan body found on most RC’s.  So what … more

Brandon’s Formula Offroad Build: Part 3: Insight into the AR60 Axle Design

By Axial on Feb 08, 2012

See Part 2 of the build HERE. See Part 1 of the build HERE. Wanted to share the latest updates to my Formula Offroad build. When I first built this rig using AX10 axles the Wraith™ had just hit the … more

The Hidden Axial Stickers

By Axial on Jun 15, 2011

How many can you find? Snapped this pic when I was checking out all the latest updates to my brothers 1985 Toyota project. [singlepic id=6618 w=320 h=240 float=none]


Brandon’s SCX10 Unimog Build

By Axial on Apr 29, 2011

Mercedes Unimogs I have a fascination with Unimogs, these seemingly unstable and over sized trucks.  The places they can go and terrain they are capable of traversing is incredible.  Not to mention how cool they look when you see one … more

Brandon’s Formula Offroad Build: Part 2

By Axial on Apr 12, 2011

Now the fun begins, testing and tuning before the final installment of my build!  If you missed Part 1 of my build be sure to check it out HERE. Part 3 HERE. With the rig running and ready to hit … more

Formula D – Long Beach

By Axial on Apr 11, 2011

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and the Wife and I had plans to meet our Friends at Falken in Long Beach for Round 1 of Formula Drift. Huge thanks to Falken for their hospitality! We arrived just in time … more

Brandon’s Formula Offroad Build: Part 1

By Axial on Mar 29, 2011

The latest buzz around Axial has come about after Bender introduced us to Formula Offroad. I was aware of this sport and always enjoyed watching the 1:1 videos, but it never really hit me to build a RC replica of one before. I am a huge fan of Scale RC, so anything I can get my hands on and modify to closely resemble the real thing just adds to the fun factor. The looks of the 1:1 formula offroad vehicles are a bit odd compared to what we normally see offroad in the states, but you can tell that they are built purely with performance in mind. … more

2010 Utah State Championships

By Axial on Nov 08, 2010

I’m finally recovering from a fun-filled weekend in St. George Utah! We arrived late Thursday night and couldn’t wait to get up the next morning to explore, drive SCX10′s, and ride our mountain bikes. Waking up Friday morning at the … more

Brandon’s Axial SCX10 Honcho

By Axial on Oct 15, 2010

I have been having a blast with my Axial SCX10 Honcho kit for about a year now and thought I would share everything I have done to it. … more