AXIALFEST2017 Concourse Results

By Tony Phalen on Aug 14, 2017

The Concourse event at this year’s AXIALFEST2017 was absolutely amazing! The builders are getting so much more creative than previous years that it’s making it near impossible to pick a winner. In the end, though, the judges did have to … more

AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Results

By Tony Phalen on Aug 09, 2017

If you didn’t get a chance to attend AXIALFEST2017, you certainly missed out on a fantastic event! Along with all the other amazing activities, the Rock Racing portion of the show was by far one of the most popular! The … more

Product Spotlight: AX31150 Axial Clear Inner Fenders

By Tony Phalen on Jul 24, 2017

While prepping my truck for this years #AXIALFEST2017 (ok, my wife’s truck), I happened to notice one of my fellow co-workers bolting on a set of inner fenders onto his SCX10 II XJ. I asked him where he got those … more

AXIALFEST 2017: General Info and Code of Conduct

By Tony Phalen on Jul 11, 2017

We are very excited to welcome all of you to AXIALFEST2017! Like in years past, we will be leaving the confines of cement sidewalks, quaint neighborhoods and bumper to bumper traffic in favor of the great outdoors. The Cisco Grove … more

Casey Curries AXIALFEST2017 Altra Ultra-Class Axial RR10 Bomber

By Tony Phalen on Jul 06, 2017

At #AXIALFEST2016, the Altra Ultra Challenge was one of the most talked-about races at the event. Big time rock junkies came out to race 8 laps around the zig-zaggy campground course – the final mileage total was a whopping 5K! … more

mAh Per Mile – Part 1 – Formulating the formula

By Tony Phalen on Jun 09, 2017

There’s one question we hear a lot – how far will your rig go on one battery? To find the answer, we’ve created a little formula; “mAh Per Mile.” In Part-1 of this series, we break down the ‘how far … more

2017 RC Monster Truck World Finals

By Tony Phalen on May 18, 2017

Axial is back from the 2017 RC Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas and it was a huge hit. After last year’s success, the promoters loved us so much that they moved the track to the middle of the … more

AXIALFEST 2017 Registration

By Tony Phalen on Apr 27, 2017

Coming to AXIALFEST 2017? Excellent – it’s going to be a fantastic time! Get signed up! Here’s a short video explaining how to fill out the registration form on EVENTZILLA. Today we’re going to walk you through how to … more

A First Timer’s Guide to AXIALFEST2017

By Tony Phalen on Apr 26, 2017

A FIRST TIMER’S GUIDE TO AXIALFEST Words: Matt Soileau Photos: Matt Soileau and Tony Phalen Are you planning on attending AXIALFEST2017? Is this your first time? Then this blog may be just what you have been looking for. This is … more

Understanding Gearing

By Tony Phalen on Apr 24, 2017

Moving your rig is a pretty simple process; when you apply throttle from your radio, the ESC draws juice from the battery and directs it to the motor. As the motor spins, it rotates a series of gears that ultimately … more