RECON G6 Challenge Coyote Hole 2012

By Axial Staff on Mar 15, 2012

RECON G6 Challenge
The Coyote Hole March 10, 2012
Lake Amador, CA
Words by Matt Soileau
Photos by Matt Soileau and Mike Morris

The RECON G6 Challenge made an excursion out of its hometown last weekend to Lake Amador, CA. Lake Amador is over three hours from my house, yet I woke up early Saturday morning to make the drive. Why would I do this when I could have just waited a couple weeks for the next local event? Simple, the RECON G6 Challenge delivers more adventure, camaraderie, and drive time than any other RC event could ever dream. After a few stops for some warm morning beverages and sustenance, I arrived at Lake Amador.

Some locals winked at me as I drove in, so I knew it would be a great day.

Lots of people had already arrived and were in line for tech inspection.

The first thing I spotted was this SaWeet EXO. It has some hydro graphic love applied to it.

Parker’s XR10 had the same treatment.

Stewey, B-Rad, and ColeMan were busy checking drivers in. Is that a smile on Stuwarts face?

Some interesting rigs showed up including this one. Is that an AMC Gremlin? I was only three in 1974, so I cant be sure. Nevertheless, it was hooked up with Axial Ripsaws, so it was ready to conquer.

After tech, rigs lined up and waited for the festivities to begin.

This event featured three classes; Ultra, Wraith, and Adventurer. Ultra class was for the runners. Anyone needing some cardio work should apply for this class. Ultra classers were free to run as fast as they could. Their’s was a race against the clock. The Wraith and Adventurer classes were all about the experience. As I heard Parker say several times, “Finishing is winning.” This G6 was about slowing down and enjoying the experience. After Parker led the National Anthem, drivers lit their lipos.

The Ultra drivers nervously await their signal to begin their frantic journey.

Look at Pham almost mockingly look back at his competition in the Ultra Class.

Ready, set, Go!Once off, the Ultra drivers wasted no time blasting through every trail marker.

Adventure Drivers walked a more leisurely pace. Many walked in groups and chatted along the way. It was more like trail run than a competition.

Lake Amador was full of wild life. This guy was having the time of his life hunting frogs in this little bog. He told me he had caught a “bunch” of them. Here was his friendliest one.

The Wraith class is the fastest growing class and had several representatives showing what the AR60 axles are capable of.

Don’t worry about that bird. He’s just sleeping. The sound of electric motors spinning is like a lullaby to him. Whisper as you drive by.

This unassuming picture hides the truth. This section was steep and made of loose shale and silt. G6′ers had to work together to get each other up away from the water.

As most veteran G6′ers are well aware, Parker loves him some clear dirt. Here it gets mixed with some brown dirt to make mud.

This picture reminds me of what I felt like while taking photos and waiting to drive.

Drivers were lulled into a feeling of peace for a while. Here‚ a couple of unsuspecting rigs about to encounter Carnage Canyon.

That’s right; Carnage Canyon. Just the name alone scared at least one driver out of his shorts.

Carnage Canyon was half the course and full of rocks that looked like petrified wood. There were also swampy bogs to navigate. This section didn’t want to see any Axial rigs leave. It grabbed and held on to many axles with tangles of roots and grasses.

These fans enjoyed the show in Carnage Canyon. They are smiling because they got out alive.

Team work in action. You help me, Ill help you, well all finish. Remember, finishing is winning.

It looks like grass, but that green stuff is moldy swamp water. Mmm, the smell was fantastic.

Mr. Phamtastic needed a little help from his winch to get past these crags.

A great thing about the G6 Challenge is the ability to take your time and relax. Here a father enjoys some time with his boy.

I finally got to start my run after taking pictures for over an hour. Here I am at TM3.

B-Rad, ColeMan, and I pause to consider our options. I could hear Parker whispering, “Rethink your line, driver.” in my ear.

Too bad B-Rad didn’t listen to the whispering in his ear. He flopped back down the hill. I think he’s looking in the bog for his rig.

After driving for almost two hours through over 140 trail markers, drivers got to search for their spare tires. Smart ones marker theirs.

Ultra Class Winner, Mike Pham. Can you let somebody else win for once?

Clint took top honors in the Wraith Class.

Team Marriage, Rich and Dianne.

The winning Adventurist, Dusty.

I can’t say I was disappointed in the least. The six hours of road travel was well worth it. I spent the day with friends, drove my SCX10 Honcho for almost two hours, and finished in a respectable amount of time. Remember, finishing is winning. I cant wait for the next one. So, if you see this license plate, follow it to the next RECON G6 Challenge.

See y’all at Axial Fest 2012!


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    Aww man I missed this on I did not get the invite how do I know when these comps are ?????

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