Axial at US Marines Toys For Tots 2011 – Camp Pendleton, California

By AR on Dec 21, 2011

December 10-11th, 2011
US Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California

I’ve been fascinated with the whole “overland – adventure – expedition thing” and discovered this cool forum Expedition Portal and the coffee-table magazine Overland Journal.

Through the forum I came across this charity event that these “overland” vendors where participating in, but it was not going to be a “product show” like most shows, rather a campout and toy drive for the military members of the Marine Corps Base of Camp Pendleton, California. Yes, we would be camping on the active military base and when you say this to most Californians, they say, “THE BEACH?!”

Camp Pendleton possesses the beach adjacent to Trestles, a prime SoCal surf location. But, no.. we would not be camping on the beach, instead, there is a little-known campground that us civilians do not know much about called Lake O’Neill. Nevertheless, we are camping on a military base. So I figured this would be a great to see all there would be to see and promote our new Axial EXO, Wraith and the updated version of the SCX10 Honcho with Overland Journal branded rear window.

OVERLAND GOURMET supports Toys For Tots @ Camp Pendleton ExPo Trasharoo

Everyone came because they heard Zack of Overland Gourmet was going to be feeding us.

Toys For Tots @ Camp Pendleton ExPo Trasharoo

Zack sprinkling magic pixie dust in the secret sauce…

Toys For Tots @ Camp Pendleton ExPo Trasharoo

And yes, those hot dogs where GREAT!!! What was that secret spicy sauce!?!?!

What we all really came for was the Toys For Tots Drive. See “*AFTER THE EVENT:” for the results of this toy drive at the bottom of this page.

And a little giving to the givers for the raffle.

Seeing as I work for Axial, I was showing our products, but low-key as asked of all vendors as this event was not about “us.”

I was stoked to see some of our product in the hands of consumers and given the ExPo-flavor treatment.


OMG!!! How do I get this super-delux Mil-Spec trunk case on my XMASS Wish List!?!?!?

OK, I get it! It’s all about COORDINATING TOO!

Dave Druck of TRASHAROO / AdventureDuo in action tossing prizes to the crowd! A MASSIVE THANK YOU for organizing this whole event!!!

Night falls..

Camp fires get started:

The holiday spirit is in swing!

Gabe of Tear Drop Trailers grilling it up! He is one of my old California Rally Series and GCRallyX compadre’s.

This guy was baking cookies!!! I thought it was a converted stainless steel Easy-Bake oven and asked him how he took the pink plastic off.

Zack warming up before round two… DINNER!

Zack pouring in the hot lava magma into the Snow Peak Grill Station.

Write this recipe down… Jif peanut butter & Kikkoman Soy Sauce mixed in a bowl and chicken added – grilled. I’m sure there was some other spices added but I was in awe of the peanut butter mixed with what our Hawaiian buddies call Shoyu “show-you” for Soy Sauce.

GREEN & RED for holiday theme effect:

Howling Moon Party Tent – Howling Moon is the name of the manufacturer for the tent! Lights not included.

Night Shots.

Next Morning:

I break out my ol’ trusty Coleman Two-Burner Propane Stove:

Today I am serving up pancakes and sausage for breakfast because…

My girls came and endured, so I treated them to their favorite!

HAPPY TRAILS TO 2012! See you on the other side:

Posted by adventureduo at Expedition Portal:
“I just received the official count from the Marine Reserves for Toys 4 Tots. We collected 1,003 TOYS total! Absolutely amazing! Thanks everyone again!!!!!! That’s 1,003 kids that will have toys this year for Christmas!”

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  1. Default_avatar Thom K Posted on 2011-12-21 21:52:58

    Way to go Axial for supporting an awesome cause!!! “Two Thumbs Up”

  2. Default_avatar Steve Barry Posted on 2012-01-05 18:36:58

    It was a good event I was stoked to see Axial being represented. Good to meet you Rodney.

    Thanx for showing off my Axial cars on your website.

    Expo and Axial cant go wrong !

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