Axial Wraith Goes on Tour with

By AR on Nov 29, 2011

Axial Wraith Goes on Tour with

Southern California’s has quickly become the largest and most recognized name in the UTV online world. So, it was only natural for Axial to partner with to take the rock race buggy – the WRAITH on a whirlwind tour and introduce it to the UTV masses!’s Joey DiGiovanni had a crazy schedule full of rallies and shows to put the WRAITH on display at and boy, did it get a response! Axial Wraith
First trip for the Axial WRAITH with was to the hills of North Tennessee to the Brimstone UTV Rally. along with a few friends loaded up into a motorhome and made the cross country trek from Southern California to go and participate in this 15,000 person ride and race event. The WRAITH stood front and center with as they set up to promote the new International Side-X-Side Association (ISA). Axial decided to help promote this new ISA organization (which will act just like the AMA does for motorcycles) with UTVUnderground by giving one of the new WRAITH’s away in a raffle drawing that encouraged enthusiasts to sign up for the ISA. Despite having a host of other amazing raffle prizes it was obvious to and to the ISA that people were signing up to win the WRAITH! Questions abounded about its capabilities and its cost. Heck, had UTVUnderground had multiple units they could have easily sold 10 of these new WRAITH machines! Eventually the WRAITH had to be given away and a nice lady from the Tennessee area would take home the prize during the raffle announcement that took place before the Tracy Lawrence country concert, and in front of the massive crowd of Brimstone attendees. Needless to say there was a whole lot of new Axial fans after this event!! Axial Wraith Axial Wraith
From Tennessee headed back to the west coast where they would immediately shift gears into the biggest UTV enthusiast show on the west coast, the Sand Sports Super Show. This would be the 3rd consecutive year that UTVUnderground would host a booth at this massive show. The Axial WRAITH was proudly put on display for all 3 days of the show where thousands would funnel through. The response for the WRAITH was much like Tennessee. The same questions came about, how fast is it, how does it climb, and how much? Can we buy it? It is without a doubt that when people see this machine, flexing it suspension on a can of Monster Energy that they just had to have it. The WRAITH was again a hit and a focal point of the booth. The all tube chassis and life-like interior just blows people away, then when they pick it up and look at the WRAITH’s realistic drivetrain and suspension it just sets them off. The details are what set this R/C buggy a part form the rest. Axial Wraith
It was once again time for to shift gears, this time from the largest sand enthusiast show to now the largest off-road show on the West Coast, the Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo. This was year 2 of having a booth at this large general off-road show. Here jeeps and trucks rule so naturally the WRAITH was again a HIT! In addition to putting the WRAITH on display, Axial would also be in attendance. This time when people asked HOW MUCH? UTVUnderground could send them on over to the Axial booth for purchase. Everyday during the 2-day show you would spot attendees walking through the show carrying their newly purchased WRAITH’s in a box. Again with the WRAITH perched on the table, flexing its articulating suspension on a can of Monster Energy, attendees would gawk at how realistic the features of the WRAITH are. People constantly would comment on how it needed a G.I. Joe in the driver seat, or how they want it to be painted like their favorite rock racer. In all the WRAITH once again drew people into the booth and turned old men into kids when they would pick it up and laugh, as they looked at all the cool details this R/C buggy possesses. Everyone just loved this awesome toy.

It was a total pleasure for to take the Axial WRAITH on tour with us through these 3 events. You can bet now its time to play with these bad boys. Batteries have been purchased and now its time to show that this bad boy isn’t just a “Trailer Queen” and show vehicle, but its actually a hard working, performing, rock racer! Stay tuned here to Axial’s blog and to for the long-term review of the Axial WRAITH!


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