Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip

By AR on Oct 24, 2011


Axial’s marketing crew went out for a location scouting session recently.
Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
October is the “official” start of what is called “desert season” as the day time tempratures are nice and cool. Since our planned trip to visit Rory of Racers Only [look for a blog report soon] would have us driving right through the desert, we took advantage of this time-temprature to scope out some new locations for an upcoming SCX10/Wraith video-photo session. So follow along for the awesome sites and look closely as you just never know what you will find! Let your imagination run wild!

A road will lead you to many places…

One road in particular will lead you to two signs, thus two choices:
Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip

We chose the first one as that was our original plan and had no idea the same road would take you to “other” places…

We called this one Boxing Glove Rock

Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
When you run up on a gate with this much creativity on it, you have wonder what is back there… But, the gate-art itself is made from a steal file shaped into a snake… First, it’s steal, to mold it into that shape it takes some heat and some imaginative talent AND it’s on a gate in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!! Go figure! Yes, we want to know what is behind this gate also! Add that to the “Find Out About” list.


Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
We all got bit by various cactus that just seemed to find a way to snag us!

It’s not like there are just a couple cacti here and there – they were EVERYWHERE – EVERY BUSH IS A CACTI BUSH!!! I have never seen so many varieties of cactus in one area or location outside of the Walmart Garden Center! There is no walking along and looking elsewhere! If you want to site-see, stop, look and then walk! Add chewing gum for extra points.

This we called dolphin rock.

Found this sign in a gas/food station on Route66:
Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
It was the only gas-food in a 86 mile span on the freeway and the burgers where good. The place was a little strange, but good… We placed this location on the “been there – done that” list so we sought out another exit on the return trip.

Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
When was the last time you saw a ‘Yota on forty fours? What used to be crazy before is not so crazy now. While I was at the Off-Road EXPO, I ran across this:

YES! A real deal truggy on 42″ desert tires!!! Holy flippin’ Batman in a ‘Vader suit! And it is on 20″ wheels!!! Those ruts just keep getting deeper…
Remember making fun of those other trucks on 44′s?
And then if that was not enough, Brad said the ‘Yota on 44′s reminded him of Stomper 4X4′s! Who remember those?

Stomper 4X4 Trucks Original Commercial:

Stomper City 4×4 – Episode One ©1980

Stomper 4X4 Pull Comp Video – WHAT!?!??!

OK, sorry for the side-track, but it just goes to show you the passion for all things 4X4 that we have!

Back to the regularly scheduled story…
Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
Words just aren’t going to do this image any justice… just enjoy it!

Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
We told the boss we where buying this for the road show! Notice the swing-out awning over the drop-down liftgate! Can you say, Shaded mobile driving stand/marketing office on wheels!

Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
We asked where the trails where…

Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
Sorry… when we see these kinds of things, we have to stop! The kid comes out in us!

Someone at “Mikky-D’s” corporate wanted corporate to buy these so they could get them at the group discount price:
Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
EMECO 1006 Aluminum chairs – love these! Also called the “Navy Chair” Read more:

We always get asked how we come up with creative stuff…
Brad Dumont and Scott Roberts of Axial
This is how the advertisements get done. They get drawn out in the dirt and then scanned into this machine where you add .63 cents and it spits our pretty artwork. All within 24hours! Rush fee is $63 and 63-cents. Now if you want this same rock picture to transform into motion picture, just add $633 and yes, it excepts credit cards.

Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip

Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
The desert takes toll a on Scott Roberts shoe! Look closely now… critter in the background….

Exposed video sniper location. We surveillance, detain and place here:
Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
Hey Tony Phalen, we have a new product to show you….
Way out in this cool location.. In the desert.. Yea, sure, we can take you…
Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
Black unmarked “borrowed” truck on a lonely road.

This trip is on the “TO DO” List – one day!!! There is a book and map for the trip.
Step 1 has been made:

Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip

Axial Desert Location Scouting Trip
Hmmm, that “X” looks pretty cool!

Will Parker “request” Stomper 4X4′s for a time-bonus skill section at the next RECON G6 Challenge?
What was that in the “shoe” photo’s background?

Stay tuned to find out these answers and many more that we have not thought of yet: hit the L-I-K-E please and thank you!


  1. Default_avatar Brian Miller Posted on 2011-10-25 08:30:42

    Quite the little road trip. Great write-up with awesome photography! The Stompers really take me back too. Really enjoyed this and looking forward to more. Thanks!

  2. Default_avatar Lawrence Wilson Posted on 2011-10-27 10:58:11

    When do you guys plan on releasing the desert truggy ?

  3. Default_avatar dan wilson Posted on 2011-10-27 22:38:58

    i use to live right behind where the mini bikes are for almost 15 years now all about that place

  4. Default_avatar evan Posted on 2012-01-19 20:35:18

    Why is the exo only in a kit?

  5. Default_avatar GCRad1 Posted on 2012-01-23 10:48:55

    Because it is not RTR yet… “yet”

    Serious builders will get their hands on it first and then the RTR-mass when get their hands on it…

    Much the same way the SCX10 first came in kit form before the rtr, back in the day.

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