The AXIAL Geocache #3 – Found!

By Randall Davis on Jul 12, 2011

Axial Geocache #3-2011

Geocache Found:

Congratulations to Chris Boom of Lincoln, CA for finding the Axial Geocache #3.

Axial Geocache #3 Finder Chris Boom

Chris found the Axial Geocache #3 on July 13th, 2011 at 11:48AM.

Not only did Chris just score a set of un-released prototype 1.9 Ripsaw Tires, he also found some cool Axial Swag that is limited to our Geocaching program. And by reporting back to us that he did find the Axial Geocache #3, we also sent him a set of Axial 1.9 Beadlock Wheels to mount those prototype 1.9 Rispaw Tires on. These tires and wheels will look great on his Axial SCX10 Dingo. Make sure you stay tuned for the next Axial Geocache, it could be hidden in your area.

Here are a few other pics from his find.
Axial Geocache #3 Finder Chris Boom
Axial Geocache #3 Finder Chris Boom
Axial Geocache #3 Finder Chris Boom
Axial Geocache #3 Finder Chris Boom

Axial Geocache #3 Original Post:

We have had some good feedback and success on the first two AXIAL Geocache’s. So this time we decided to put a little spin on AXIAL Geocache #3 which is a special find. Instead of simply giving you the GPS location, which puts you within 20 feet or so of the cache, we thought it would be good idea and play a little follow the leader to test our direction giving skills and your direction following skills.

If you are going camping at Cisco Grove Campground, in the area of Cisco, CA 95728, or headed to the famous Fordyce Trail, get your R/C Rigs ready and get out for some AXIAL Geocaching fun. Let’s see if you can get to the site and drive your R/C rig up to grab these goods before the R.E.C.O.N. G6 Challenge guys get up there on the 30th. This is one cache you are going to want to grab… Let’s just say there is some sort of “prototype” goodies in there.

 Axial Geocache #3

Once you find the cache, it’s yours. This is a cache and carry find. Leave no trace!

Step 1

Pack your transportation vehicle with your best equipped Axial Rig and camera, and get on the road….. Don’t forget to pack water too.

Step 2

Take Interstate 80 and take exit #164, Eagle Lakes Road.

Take the exit #3

   Step 3

Head over to Indian Springs OHV Staging Area

The Base Location #3


Step 4

Park your transportation vehicle and get your Axial rig in the dirt and head for the trees.

View from the Parking Lot #3


Here is a pic looking back at the parking lot from the cache site.

Looking at the Parking Lot #3

General location of the AXIAL Geocache #3

View of the trees #3


If it’s still there, follow the arrow. It should be pointing right at the Geocache

The Spot #3

What we want from you:

Name / Address / Email / Phone

GPS Coordinates of the Indian Springs OHV Entrance Sign

Photos of you and your Axial Rig at the Geocache site.

Time / Date of when you found the Axial Geocache #3


What you get from us:

More prizes on top of the prize that you will find.


  1. Default_avatar Bryan Gunsher Posted on 2011-07-13 14:28:22

    I just went up there and I found the arrow in minutes but there was no Geocache to be found..I spent 2 hours up there searching. It’s either hidden extremely well or someone already got it.

  2. Default_avatar Bryan Gunsher Posted on 2011-07-14 10:51:20

    Thanks for wasting my time…

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