James & Joel – Father and Son Crawling Team

By Axial Staff on Sep 29, 2009

I recently asked my Friend James for pictures of him and his son. When I lived in Northern California these two would always be out crawling at the local meet up’s and competitions. It was great to see somebody as young as Joel ready to jump in line to try the next course or begging his father James for the transmitter to his SCX10.




Wasn’t long before Joel showed up with his very own SCX10 with a Pro-Line Ambush CGR body on it. James also sent me a few pictures of Joel working on his SCX10 just like his Dad.





Thanks for the pictures James! Its good to see you guys getting out and still having fun crawling.


  1. Default_avatar Finishline Posted on 2009-09-29 14:06:45

    Thanks B!!!! Joel was so suprised and excited to see himself on the Axial web page. We haven’t been out in a few weeks, but this got us excited about crawling again and we are going to take a trip out this weekend.

  2. Default_avatar Brandon Posted on 2009-09-30 15:34:53

    Glad he saw it! How is his scx10 doing? Have fun crawling.

  3. Default_avatar charlie greenberg Posted on 2009-10-06 08:01:05

    hey thats awsome how old are?

  4. Default_avatar Brandon Posted on 2009-10-06 12:53:27

    Joel is 6 years old if I remember correctly.

  5. Default_avatar stratos Posted on 2009-11-24 07:41:36

    And Ive got a younger driver, about 3yearsand 3months and he is driving mini Inferno, mini-Z and starting well with sim heli, but couldnt land at all:-)

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