Zotti’s Bagz – Official Sponsor of Axialfest 2018

By AR on Jul 02, 2018

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce Zotti’s Bagz as an official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2018!

Zotti’s Bagz came about through family. Owner Jan Zotti’s son Robert and granddaughter Rachel asked her to make a sleeping bag for their crawlers. It began with a small piece of fabric, hand sewn, then a zipper, padding, and even straps to roll up and carry on their crawlers. From then Zotti’s Bagz have grown and continue to add more scale items for the RC enthusiasts looking for realism. Zotti’s Bagz offers custom hand sewn items like sleeping bagz, custom canopies, rc tool bags, tire covers and more

Visit: Zotti’s Bagz


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