Axial SCX10 II Based Custom Bronco

By AR on May 09, 2017

Build by Elio Dianda, words by Anthony Rivas

Starting with an Axial SCX10 II Jeep Cherokee (AX90047) you can choose the body you want to run. Trim out the body to check fitment and wheelbase. Be sure to check where  body posts will mount and also for any clearance issues with suspension movement.20170319_095916 (Custom)

While the body is still clear/unpainted and no masks, I find it’s best to start mock-up. Drill any holes that may need drilled for scale accessories and fit bumpers that may require body trimming. Here Elio has custom made a functioning swing away tire carrier, using Square solid stock. 20170319_154757 (Custom)

If you’re a fabricator or simply have some imagination, you can fit details like exhaust.This exhaust is welded to the chassis, just under the shock tower. A benefit to this hobby is you get to build your truck the way you imagine it. 20170319_162545 (Custom) 20170319_175721 (Custom)

You may change your mind about your build as you see it come together. Elio decided to remove the top and even go a step further with doing an in cab cage.

20170409_144200 (Custom)

Some 3/16 030 wall tubing, some shop tools like a bender and a mig welder help this all come together. 20170409_144617 (Custom) 20170409_144603 (Custom) 20170409_152952 (Custom)20170321_183457 (Custom)

Still keeping everything clear until you have finished all your test fitting. For some of you this maybe stuff you know, for all of you new guys to the hobby feel free to ask questions if you get stuck on a project. We all started somewhere.20170409_170419 (Custom)20170322_172240 (Custom)

After some paint you get to stand back and admire your work. You may feel you need more details or you may be satisfied.  20170322_185600 (Custom) 20170409_170355 (Custom)

A scotch brite pad, drill bits and some primer, you can add some decay and rust.20170409_170936 (Custom)20170324_184145 (Custom)

Elio painted the tubework and added some scale details to his interior bringing this old school Bronco to life. The Axial Ammo Can is a nice touch. 20170409_171034 (Custom)20170324_184230 (Custom)

Watch for this Axial SCX10 II on the trails at AxialFest. Hopefully this has given you some ideas for your builds. The Axial SCX10 II is a very capable out of the box set up, so you can focus on being creative with your scaler.

Axial SCX10 II Jeep Cherokee RTR

Axial Ammo Can






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