GSPEED-LcG Chassis – Officially approved aftermarket frame rails for AXIALFEST 2017

By AR on May 04, 2017

news_axialfestsponsor_team_g_speed_500pxGSPEED-LcG Chassis  – Officially approved aftermarket frame rails for AXIALFEST 2017

Axial is pleased to announce GSPEED-LcG Chassis as an approved frame rail manufacturer for AXIALFEST 2017! This allows customers of GSPEED-LcG Chassis to run their SCX10 aftermarket frame rails in the adventure class of AXIALFEST 2017.

The GSPEED-LCG Chassis design was created in California, by Gabriel Fleming, in December 2015. His friend, Gee Spaulding, helped him get started by refining the design and creating a GSPEED-LCG Chassis Solid Works file. From then on, GSPEED-LCG Chassis hit the ground running, sending chassis rails all over the word.

The 1/8″ thick GSPEED-LCG G10 material or carbon steel chassis rails and TJ RC Products skid plate, are designed to lower the center of gravity of your SCX10, while allowing more clearance for the up travel of your SCX10 or AR60 axles. This chassis increases the stock measurement between the skid plate and the top of the chassis by about 1/2″.  Replacement for your stock SCX10 chassis rails or any other aftermarket SCX10 chassis rails. You can use all the Axial stock skid plate, cross members and bumpers from your stock SCX10. To use the optional upper link mounts (recommended) you will need to shorten your upper links. The stock skid plate and the TJ RC Products skid plate are the same width, which is wider than the rest of the stock cross-members. The flat rails are designed to bend and tapper in, to meet the narrower stock cross-members as you tighten all the hardware. The G10 frame rails weigh 3 oz. and the steel rails weigh 12.75 oz.

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