Axial Downloadable Complete Parts List

By AR on Mar 14, 2017

Axial Downloadable Complete Parts List

Axial is always looking for better ways to serve its customer base. Along that point, did you know that we offer a complete, downloadable Excel file filled with every standard or option part currently in production?

You may have overlooked it if you weren’t sure what it was; Hover over the ‘SUPPORT’ menu item on their website and you’ll see it at the bottom of the dropdown; parts list (xls format).

This list is broken out into multiple sections; part numbers, UPC codes, product description, MSRP and product type. Next to that are vertical columns that coincide with engine/vehicle part numbers (ie, AX0331 for the Axial 28RR-2 Engine or AX90032 for the Axial Yeti XL 1/8th Scale RTR).

To use the list, simply choose the product type you’d like to filter (bodies, chassis, electronics, etc) and match it up to your vehicle on the right (you’ll need to know your vehicle’s part number first). Axial has added a ‘S’ for a Standard part, an ‘O’ for an Option part or left it blank if it doesn’t work with your vehicle.


I use it frequently and highlight the Axial cars I have, looking for new ‘O’s to help me outfit my rides with newly-released goodies!

This list gets updated frequently when new parts or vehicles are released so it’s a fantastic tool to help you track down any parts you might need.

I’ll save you 3 seconds; download the file here:


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