Crawl For A Cure 2016

By AR on Nov 01, 2016


Crawl For a Cure 2016

Rollins Lake, Grass Valley, California

October 8, 2016


Last year I went to my first Crawl for a Cure at Rollins Lake. I had such a great time supporting a great cause, that I was eager to return this year. My buddy, Mike, and my daughter, Skeeno Jr., couldn’t make it this year so, I loaded up the Skeeno Skooter and headed on down the road solo.


On the way, I passed Axialfest’s home, Cisco Grove Campground, so I had to stop and reminisce.


Axialfest 2016 was the #yearofthebridges, and there were still a few remaining at Cisco Grove.


I couldn’t resist taking a drive over some of them.

imag00935 They even had the entrance to the mine shaft, or was this an outhouse?  Whatever it is, it looks cool. I can’t wait for #axialfest2017.  Are you planning on attending?


I hopped back in the Skeeno Skooter and made my way to the Greenhorn Campground.  I’ve been here quite a few times for different events, so it was easy to find.


On the way in, I spotted this P-40 Warhawk pontoon boat.  This must be sign, because I’m currently building my #axialfest2017 Altra Ultra 5K Bomber with a similar theme.  It’s been my favorite since I was a kid building Revell models.

imag00940 When I got to the parking lot, I thought Axial Vice President, Jeff Johns, was there.


First stop was the registration booth to get signed up.


The ladies were all smiles and even gave me free coffee and doughnuts for breakfast!


All driver’s got a bag that contained some sweet limited edition C4C swag. Those wrenches are sweet. I thought last year’s was cool, but this year’s was even better.


Looks like a busy day.

imag01034My second stop was the Two Chainz Scalerz/ CKRC tent.  They had all kinds of cool kits on display.


The 2Chainz Crew was hanging out saying hello to everyone.

imag00961Looks like Eazy-Elio has been working again.  Here he added a little sumpthin to his trailer.  Could he be planning on building something with this cab for Axialfest2017?

imag01010In front of the Two Chainz/ CKRC tent was the the California Cancer Crusher.  This thing was an attention grabber.


Full tub interior and trailer.


Check out the foot pedals.  Get it?  Foot pedals? Haha.


No cheap Lifan junk here, only quality Honda power.  200cc of fury, I was told.

imag01009It even had a working winch.


Jason and Shaniqua from CKRC couldn’t resist taking a ride.


If you haven’t noticed, pink was the color scheme of choice at the Crawl for a Cure. Lots of clubs had custom shirts made up for the event.


Yup, here’s another one. They were all over.


SBC was one of the many that build event specific C4C rigs.


This big block motor was a great touch in the new Axial Monster trucks.


Well, what do we have here?  Looks like I’ll be needing to get a light bucket and grill combo for my Toyota build.

imag00963 Once the crowd gathered, a quick driver’s meeting was held.  This was mostly a fun run, so there weren’t that many rules; mostly have fun. Oh, and buy raffle tickets. Remember, this is to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

imag00972Everyone headed down to the starting gates.


There was a cool banner to drive through at the start.

imag00971 Hold on, is that another P40 Warhawk wrap? I’m telling you, it’s a sign.


I finally got a chance to do some driving with the 2Chainz Crew.


Out on course, it was drive, drive, drive. This little driver was having a blast.


Ben Naputi knelt down to get a closer look at the best SCX10 he has ever seen.


The 2Chainz Crew was passing out Trail Swag to lucky kids.  Selfie time!

imag00977 See those sweet shoes?  Those are the Altra Lone Peaks, the official shoe of the Axialfest Altra Unduro 5K.  Have you started training for next year’s Altra Ultra?


With over 250 drivers, there was a little line time.


Seems like kids like RC cars, who knew?


Here’s another youngin’ getting some wheel time in.

imag01040This MicroMan Crew all scored 2Chainz Crew swag!

imag00985 The rock down by the water was amazing.  Super sharp and lots of traction.


Eazy Elio couldn’t help himself.  He had to do some filming.

imag00990 Axialfest2016 was the #yearofthebridges.  Looks like that theme has caught on.

imag00992 There were quite a few bridges at the C4C.


This old Dingo has an awesome interior.


Ben stopped by the creek for some mud runs.


Luckily, he didn’t float away.

imag00999 This 4Runner makes its way up another bridge.

imag01001 We headed up from the lakeshore…

imag01003 …and into the scrub.  These bushes were prickly.


The radio tower was the top of the hill.


Phew, I made it.


Now back down.  And yes, those are some sweet Altra Lone Peaks I’m wearing.  The most comfortable shoe ever; the FootShape ToeBox is legit.


Eazy Elio couldn’t resist getting a closer look.


Hurry up, it’s almost Monster Truck time.


These guys are about to finish, just in time for the Monster Truck races.


Before the Monster Truck races, I checked out the raffle swag.


Prizes for days!


Wait a minute, is that more Warhawk stickers?  Everyone is trying to bite my style.


I see the new SCX10-2 Axial donated. I wonder who will take that home.


Before the raffle, it was Monster Truck time!

imag01017Line those SMT10s up. Where’s everyone else?


Dan ‘Smokin Lipo’ Wilson entertained the crowd while the rest of the Monster Trucks got staged.

imag01020Perfect style.

imag01022Here comes the rest of the competitors.


The track was a simple figure 8, but like the Rock Race at Axialfest2016, the one turn really threw these drivers for a loop.


The jump was the real crowd pleaser. They jumped a fire ring for a little more danger.


Nice tail tap on the landing.


Whoopsies, this guy didn’t quite clear the fire ring. Must have been the extra weight of that body.  He should have stuck with the stock Grave Digger shell.


See, way more air with the Grave Digger lid.


Finally, raffle time.  This is what the C4C is all about, raising money for the American Cancer Society. Lots and lots and lots and lots of raffle tickets were sold.


Before the raffle officially started, the 2Chainz Scalerz Crew gave away a RTR Deadbolt package.  It was a special prize only to be won by a kid that didn’t already have an RC truck.

imag01042 And this lucky guy won that package.  His excitement was priceless.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing him at #Axialfest2017.


Mark Bettencourt ran the raffle.


There were tons of prizes, so it took a while.


This lucky guy took home the RTR SCX10-2 donated by Axial Racing.


Shout out to the Crawl for a Cure Crew.  They worked hard to ensure everyone had fun and lots of money was raised for the American Cancer Society.  In all, 275 drivers participated and $12,000 was raised for cancer research in the 4th annual Crawl for a Cure. That’s right, $12 thousand dollars! I’m speechless. Awesome job, everyone. See you next year.


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