How To: Add A Reverse Light

By AR on Jun 03, 2016


If you like scale or just want to add a cool feature, you can add this simple reverse light to your rig. You will need some wire and a bulb. There are many places you can find this, Radio Shack usually carries this or you can look online. Make sure the bulb you purchase is white or the color you want it to be.


I am using a resistor; what this does is control how bright the light will be when you put power the light. You do not need a resistor though as this can be done with out it.


I secure the bulb to the bumper first. In the end, I would rather trim the wire at the motor side vs trying to tie the wire up if it’s too long.

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The Axial C-Channel chassis is perfect for tucking wires away, a simple zip tie works fine.


After trimming the wires to length I use a little heat shrink. This is mostly for resistor. Heat shrink is not necessary if your not using a resistor.


Here is how it works. Solder the negative wire from the bulb to the positive side of motor.


Solder the positive side from bulb to the negative side of motor. DO NOT WORRY if you do this backwards, the only thing that will happen is the light will come one when you go forward. You will just flip the bulb wires at the motor. In some cases you may have to do this if you’re running your set up in reverse.


Once its wired up go ahead and power up your system, you may see it flash when you first put power to system.


Go ahead and hit reverse and you should now have a reverse light. If not trying going forward, if you get light going forward simply flip your bulb wires at the motor.


Your light may increase in brightness as you give it more throttle.


That’s it, you now have a simple functioning scale feature that’s pretty cool to see on the trail.


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