1981 M934 6X6 5-TON CAMPER

By AR on Feb 22, 2016


The Meeks Family Five Ton Camper

The Ultimate Overland Adventure Vehicle?

Words and Photos by Matt ‘Skeeno’ Soileau


If you have been to AXIALFEST or have attended any Axial events, you know that RC and outdoors go hand in hand.  Many Axial enthusiasts also dabble in exploring, hiking, fishing, hunting, OHVs, bicycling, and camping.


And many of those Axial enthusiasts also own vehicles such as RVs or camping trailers, so it’s common to see them together at Axial events. But, nothing could prepare me for the massive awesomeness that the Meeks family brought out to the 2015 RECON G6 Birthday Bash.


Chris Meeks has been an avid fan of Axial products for many, many years.  He not only competed in all the Axial West Coast Championships, but he was also a judge.


As soon as I saw him, I immediately asked him to give me a quick tour of his newly acquired family adventure wagon. This is what i learned about this massive 5 ton behemoth.


It started life as a 1981 M934 6×6 5 Ton Military vehicle.  It has full time four wheel drive to the rear wheels with 6×6 on demand. It also has an air-shifted, two speed transfer case for stump pulling duties.


Under the hood hides a 250 Cummins 855ci, non turbo diesel mated to an Allison five speed automatic transmission.


Don’t expect to get anywhere to quickly.  Weighing in near 30,000 lbs, Chris informed me that the 5 Ton tops out just over 50 mph.


Hiding under the chassis are the old, reliable, Rockwell 5 Ton axles


Putting the power to the ground are these massive 48″ Michelins.  It’s crazy how small they look when mounted on the truck.


Even though it sits so high off the ground, it’s still equipped with the deep water fording kit.  That snorkel is almost 8 feet off the ground.


Steps make getting mounted into the cab easier, but it’s still a task for us smaller people.


Upon opening the door, you’re greeted with bare bones military comfort.


I see an AXIALFEST credential laying on the floor.  Where do you keep yours?


This makes me think of Indiana Jones for some reason.


Thank god for no clutch. I don’t think my leg would be man enough.


Phweew, and air brakes.


Out back, under the stars to the expansible van box, sits the the old extension cord.  This would be hooked to the generator trailer when used in a military theater.


Inside, the rear box opens to a massive 17′x14′ communications headquarters. That’s 238 sq.ft. of potential.  It’s still bare bones, but you can see Chris has a huge, blank canvas to start his camper build.  That’s a queen sized bed sitting in there.


Above the bed sits the old military heaters.  Chris told me he hasn’t had a chance to test them, so he wasn’t using them on this day.


He had a small 1500 watt electric heater in use. He said it did a fairly adequate
job, but he will be looking for a better heating solution if the stock heaters don’t work out.


The other side has a small cabinet pulling kitchen duty.  We discussed his vision to turn the comm box into a full functioning living space for his family while out exploring.  Bunk beds for the kids and a better kitchen and storage space are currently in the works.


His wife expressed a desire to have a full functioning bathroom with toilet and shower. Since a happy wife makes a happy life, I’m sure that’s in the plans as well.  But if not, he can always pick up this little guy for his wife.

Now, who’s gonna be the first to make a scale replica of this?


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