Jeep Comanche with Camper

By Axial Staff on Jan 06, 2016



There’s no denying the scale scene when it comes creativity and 1:1 to scale xeroxability. Especially in some instances were a mere double take is simply not enough to confirm nor deny whether a vehicle is a full size 1:1 rig or a scale R/C rig.


Inspiration behind the build

Take this early 80′s to early 90′s Jeep Comanche with camper for example. Upon first glance one can help but think it’s just your run of the mill Jeep Comanche with a camper ready for adventure. Impressive. But then you look closer and the R/C side starts to appear, again, double take required. At which point you agree it’s a great looking scale rig, yet the eye focuses back on the camper hanging off the truck bed. That camper is not one of those bought off the shelf deals, it’s hand built! The builder, Mark Mühlenpfordt, put some serious effort into this camper build. From the looks of it he started with bulsa wood for the main infrastructure followed by styrene for textural detail.


Cut lines market on bulsa wood with a pencil.


Each side is connected via four posts.


Rough frame mounted onto the truck bed for fitment check.


To scale, that’s a big window.


Primer coat applied and ready for white main coat.


Tip, using small amounts of heat is a great way to form plastic tubes.


Used a small belt sander to sand down the bulsa so that the rear door hinges lay flat.

The Build Process 12380035_514839515357280_942941959_n 12380473_514839565357275_618034861_n 12395101_514839545357277_1240391044_n 12395534_514839555357276_97941008_n

Final Product 12395644_514839102023988_10383463_n 12395592_514839275357304_1079691754_n 12395537_514839108690654_891491752_n 12395403_514839258690639_1458741446_n 12395359_514839268690638_1285200186_n 12388128_514839068690658_657384755_n 12386554_514839262023972_186632468_n


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