RECON G6 Birthday Bash #5

By AR on Dec 08, 2015


RECON G6 Birthday Bash #5 • December 6, 2015
Moonrocks – Sparks, Nevada
Words and photos by Matthew “Skeeno” Soileau

DSCF0136December marked the 5th anniversary of the RECON G6 Challenge and Brian Parker and the RECON G-crew returned to Reno, Nevada for the RECON G6 Challenge B’DAY Bash!


The RECON G6 Birthday Bash was again held at MOONROCKS.  This is were I personally cut my “crawling teeth” with a 2.2 shafty way, way, way back over 10 years ago! This is also the location where I first met Brian Parker and experienced his magical ability to make everyone feel welcome and have a great family friendly time.


When I pulled in on this chilly December morning, I was met by both of the legendary G-Train vehicles.  The RG6-Tercel, aka Cinnamon, is a worthy traveler having clocked over 35,000 miles in the past year.  Even though the RG6T has more G miles on her, Red Rocket holds a special place in my heart.  I rode in her to the first Canadian G6 back in 2013.  You can read about it here:


Next to G-Central is what really caught my eye.  This was a 5 ton military command headquarters!  In its retired life, it is now utilized as an privately owned overlanding beast.  The Meeks family uses this for their off-road camping and exploring adventures.  Look for more details in an upcoming blog!


Elio Dianda, aka the King of Scale, brought out a new rig and overland trailer. Do you have a roof top tent on your kit?


With R/C industry folks in attendance, Reno-local Jason Copeland from CKRC Hobbies came out. Here he was getting people checked in for the UAR race that was held after the RECON G6.


The boys from Pro-Line Racing were also in attendance.  They made the drive up from SoCal to get their G6 on.


Cole Bailey brought the OG Crewman Brad Bailey, aka SadBrad, out to celebrate with us! It was great to see HappyBrad back after three years!


Anthony Rivas of Rivas Concepts made the trek up from Las Vegas to party. It was great to see him.  He was my road dog on our trip to the first Canadian G6.


Wertymade’s Werty, aka Matt Henry, was also in attendance.  He makes some awesome bumpers.  He even burned some midnight oil for Austrian Daniel Siegl.  Daniel needed a bumper for his 1.55 rig, so Werty made the over 100-mile round trip to his house to quickly fabricate a custom bumper and get it returned the next day for the Birthday Bash! His bumpers are also the #officialbumperoftherecong6.


Here’s Daniel’s tiny 1.55 Suzuki Jimny with the Wertymade bumper. It fit and looked great on this little wheeler that could.


I spotted the coolest top ever. What did you do with your AXIALFEST 2015 swag bag?  This guy made a soft top out of his!  I already talked to Mama Skeeno, so look for a future blog on making one of these as well.

The parking lot began to fill up as people started to show up down at G Central.


Several people wisely brought out their campers to stay warm in.  It was nippy, only getting just above freezing all day.


There’s the crazy Austrian, Daniel Siegl along with Mr. RECON G6, Brian Parker. I caught them just long enough for this picture before they rushed away in different directions to finish setting up.


2Brothers Grub brought out their catering truck for some hot meals.  I was excited about this, no Mountain House for me today Mr. Rodney “Mountain House” Wills!


What, no Parker Pickup?


These ladies did an incredible job running G Central all day.


Since the Birthday Bash is in December, RECON G6 collects toys and food to donate to the local food banks for the holidays.


My favorite part - the rigs got lined up!


Requisite group shot.  Let’s play Where’s Parker?  Can you find him?


There he is in the middle giving the instructions at the driver’s meeting.


Parker goes over the driver’s log books.  Make sure you mark everything you see and do at a RECON G6.  It could gain you a bonus.


Lots of rigs had presents on them.


This guy brought a present for Cinnamon. I hope it was a working alternator. Its about the right size!


This rig had a full sack of presents. Also, check the AXIALFEST 2015 Tech sticker on the hood.  Do you have a tech sticker from AXIALFEST? All the cool kids do, so make sure you are free the weekend of July 15-17, 2016 for AXIALFEST 2016.


Someone brought a scale Yeti XL. Do you even paper craft bro?
Here’s three different paper craft projects to occupy your free time over the holidays.

Vehicle boxes:


Jeep Wrangler:


Christmas wreath.


Daniel’s Suzuki Jimny 1.55 looks tiny next to the 1.9s and 2.2s. Do work, little guy. #tinybutmighty or #mightytiny your pick.


After the National Anthem, it’s GO TIME! Light your lipos!


I had to make sure Dan W. got a photo.  Here he is waiting for Mike Pham to get out of his way. These two are friendly-fierce competitors!


THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!! I always love to see the little ones out on the trail.  Here a young lady puts a little body English into her driving.


Ben Naputi, aka Mr. Fokai, is always easy to spot.  His rig is always proudly flying the Guam colors.


Ladies first.


Wraith Spawn climbing to the overlook.


Old school SCX10 Honcho out leading the way for the new school SCx10 Deadbolt.


Cory Drachenberg of 5150 Productions made his way out to cover the Birthday Bash.  Look for his movie coming soon.  Until then, take a look at this teaser vid:


Great looking RECON G6 Jeep.


The Hoyfab Titan 6×6 waits patiently for this Chevy Blazer to finish its climb. Slow and steady gets the whole family there!


We got to see the new Axial RR10 Bomber out on the trail.  It did awesome!  Cody Knoll told me the longer wheelbase works wonders for stability.


Real (full-size) or R/C? They are real – just real small.
Real radio control rigs doing real trail work!


Don’t forget your tow strap.  You’ll need it to help out your fellow G6ers get stuck.


Along with your tow strap, you should also bring tools and spares. Being prepared for trail fixes keeps the fun rolling.  There’s no shame in making a field repair to get yourself back on the trail.


These two made it to the top and are headed across the plateau.


Does this photo look posed?  It took them forever to act naturally, so I could take this photo.


This Jeep three-wheeled up and did the magic roll back down to the bottom.


Jesus wheels too! This F350 walks on water…errr, ice. Told you it was cold!


Mr. Pham took this chance to spin some icy doughnuts.


Mike Pham was feeling Phamtastic!

DSCF0260 Ed Duco also got his selfie on.  Did you hashtag your selfie at #BDBASH15?


Once the 2Brothers Grub truck opened for business, the line started to form.


They told me to go with the signature “Gangsta Fries” with my Pastrami sandwich.


Glad I did.  It was delicious!


Daniel feeling a little lonely with his lone 1.55er in the big wilderness. It worked pretty well for being so small.  I’m sure the Wertymade bumper was quite helpful.


I think this driver jumped out to water a bush.  I hope he set his emergency brake.


Back a G Central there were a couple Driver’s Challenges to choose from.  Here a Recon Rascal attempts the Frolfing Disc Golf throw. He looks on target.


The other challenge was the glider toss.  We invented this one at the Missouri G6 while driving back from the first Canadian G6. Read about it here:


Looks on target to me.  Great form, Amanda Henderson, aka Gadget.


Not many people noticed this Drivers Challenge.  Did you add a sticker to your log book?


It was great to see Thom Kowatch back out running his Wraith.  He was an original winner of the G6 before it was the G6 at the final Axial West Coast Championship.  He is still sporting his prized limited edition Oliver’s Knives from that years event.


Trust your line driver.


JC Jr was out running his green Axial SCX10 Dingo while wearing a matching top.  His brother also was sporting matching jacket and truck.  Is this the new fashion?


How far would you travel for a RECON G6?  We all know about the mad Austrian, Daniel Siegl, the most well traveled G6er who attends multiple G6es each year all over the world.  But these two families have followed his traveling lead. Stephane and Tomas traveled all the way from France via San Francisco and Muhamed, Elvis, and Adis moved to Reno from Bosnia just to get their G6 on!  Well, probably for work with a RECON side trip, but I like my reason better.

DSCF0348Team Drivers of the Day!


RECON Rascal Drivers of the Day.


THIS GUY – 1.55 Driver of the Day


2.2 Driver of the Day


1.9 Driver of the Day.


40+ Veteran Driver of the Day


Drivin Diva of the Day

And since it was the Birthday Bash, many presents were distributed.  The following five members of the G6 Family took home some new SCX10s.  Lucky Ducks!






As always, the RECON G6 Birthday Bash and the 2015 RECON G6 season was a great time. Again, thank you to everyone who participated in any RECON G6 event over the years!



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