Yeti™ Trophy Truck® – Geared for Speed

By Axial Staff on Dec 14, 2015


Straight out of the box, the Yeti Trophy Truck features gearing (16T pinion / 64T spur gear) best suited for extended run time on a 3S LiPo 5000 mAh battery. While this gearing yields a healthy amount of run time on both 2S and 3S (perfect for extended outdoor adventures), as customers, we are always looking for MORE SPEED. This is likely due to the fact that once people experience just how capable a Yeti Trophy Truck is in the wild, the tendency to want more speed becomes an overwhelming thought. Truth is… it can handle more, although more than what Axial offers with regard to available pinion gears.

After extensive testing with a variety of battery / pinion / spur gear combinations, we came to the following conclusion for best run time and speed on 2S and 3S:

2S 5000 mAh – 21T pinion / 64T spur gear • top speed 20mph • 15 minutes of run time 3S 5000 mAh - 21T pinion / 64T spur gear • top speed 32mph • 20 minutes of run time

The largest pinion we currently offer is 17T (AX30843 Pinion Gear 32P 17T – Steel (5mm Motor Shaft)), which will give you more speed than the stock 16T pinion gear, but not much. Please keep in mind that going with pinion gears higher than 21T will put more strain on your motor, resulting in potentially dangerous higher temperatures. For our test, we used a Robinson Racing 21T pinion gear (


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