Budget-friendly Axial-based Monster Truck Build

By AR on Oct 28, 2015


There’s a growing number of Axial-based monster trucks being built. And, specifically, many builders are using Axial Racing AR60 axles and drivetrain components. This actually seems to be the most popular choice for newer builds.┬áMany of these rigs being built are simply amazing, so if you’ve seen any of these custom creations, it’s likely that you’ve been inspired to build your own. But, if you’re on a budget, you might think these trucks are out of your reach. RC Truck Stop showed that building your own solid axle monster truck can be done on a budget without sacrificing any performance. The build below uses an Axial AX10 as the base for the project. This saves time and money. Interestingly, this same type of configuration has since been used to national-level solid monster truck racing competitions.


With the body off, you can see this build isn’t that big of a departure from the standard AX10 setup.

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