AXIALFEST 2015 Intel

By AR on Jul 01, 2015


Axialfest 2015

“The 10th Anniversary Edition”

hosted by


From the Brian “DRVNMF” Parker RECON G6 base-station: happy anniversary to Axial R/C Inc! To all the Axial fans, what a great 10-years it has been! Since 2005, Axial has brought radio controlled fun to the masses with innovative products like the AX10, SCX10, XR10, EXO Terra Buggy, Wraith & the Yeti family. All of these vehicles have, in one way or another, helped push our radio control hobby to new levels. I am personally honored to host this very special edition of AXIALFEST, alongside the world class Axial staff, volunteers, experts, & Axial enthusiasts. I am sure this anniversary party will be one for the ages! – Brian Parker / let’s get this party started!


AXIALFEST 2015 10th Anniversary Intel

  • 10 scale items are mandatory. (An Axial SCX10 RTR meets this requirement.) 5 scale anniversary items are not mandatory, but highly recommended.
  • A tow strap is mandatory.
  • A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
  • Waterproofing is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
  • An aluminum foil anniversary party hat is mandatory and must be worn during the first stage of the RECON G6. Wearing your AF anniversary hat during other stages and events may or may not get you special swag, but it will keep Big Brother from reading your thoughts.
  • A raft, kayak, or canoe is not mandatory, but highly recommended and will be used on one of the sections of the stage. If you drive this section at night, a light on your craft would be useful or put a glow stick in your watercraft for visibility.
  • A raft or boat to float your Axial scale adventure rig on water is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Your boat should have a 10th anniversary Axial Theme. Boats may be built to carry more than one truck, but boat sharing will be very difficult this year. Cruises are popular anniversary doings. It may be self powered or man powered.
  • Saturday Night Stage Anniversary Dance theme is the Sock Hop. Dance to your favorite oldies, but there is a catch. Not Mandatory, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, is that you wear a pair of Axial Socks. The best decorated pair of socks may or may not be rewarded with swag. Socks should be themed and include as many Axialfest 2015 sponsors as you can fit. Have fun and get your sock hop on!


AXIALFEST 2015 10th Anniversary Stage Intel


ADVENTURIST Intel; 1.9 Adventurist / 2.2 Adventurist / 40+ VET Adventurist / RECON Rascals / Driving Divas

  • The three RECON G6 Stages will feature separate Trail Sections; A-B-C-D-E-F and G.
  • Trail Sections will feature a variety of terrain.
  • There will most likely be no “Clear Dirt” on any section requiring rigs to transit through.
  • Drivers will be assigned their first Trail Section during registration. After completion of your first stage, you will complete each stage consecutively, meaning if you start on Trail Section-C, you will go to Trail Section-D and so on. Completing 2-sections is a great driving plan.

Ultra Class Intel

  • A tow strap & winch is mandatory!
  • Waterproofing is mandatory!
  • The Ultra Class stage will be kept scale. The water crossings may be hood deep rather than tire deep. The climbs may require winching. The Ultra Class will test your driving ability and your Axial scale adventure rigs capability.
  • A completely separate stage for Ultra Class drivers will be set to test man & Axial machine. Good Luck & Have Fun!


  • Side by Side off road 4X4 drag racing.
  • Single elimination.
  • Track will have boundaries, hit a boundary & be eliminated.
  • Lose to your opponent and be eliminated.
  • Win every race you’re in & be crowned the first ever, Axialfest Off-Road Rhythm Drag Champion!

Terra-X Race

  • If you have raced in the AF Terra-X, then you know, part of the race is reacting to the unique requirements of each moto.
  • Several motos will determine starting position for the Main Event.
  • Expect several different terrain changes on the track.
  • There will be no corner marshals, but a driver may have their own chase crew or corner marshal stationed at key locations around the track for motos. No outside help or chase crew is permitted during the Main Event.
  • If a driver flips his/her Axial rig over in the Main Event & cannot upright, the rig becomes track art until the finish.


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