AXIALFEST 2015 Sponsor: Tower Hobbies

By AR on Jun 02, 2015


Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that Tower Hobbies has been added to the sponsor list for AXIALFEST2015!

About Tower Hobbies: From Bruce Holecek, Founder of Tower Hobbies I started Tower Hobbies in 1971. It all began with a love of hobbies, $800.00 in personal savings, and a dream. A dream to create the largest and finest hobby mail-order company in the world. A dream that has come true even beyond my wildest expectations!

During the first year my brother Mark joined me in this fledgling venture and in 1972 Jeri and I were married and this brought our total employee roster up to three! During those early years we ate, breathed, slept, talked and dreamed about nothing but Tower Hobbies. Tower Hobbies grew quickly as it revolutionized the radio control industry with toll-free “800″ WATS lines, an in-house mainframe IBM computer, annual catalogs that are the “bibles” of the industry, a multiple-award-winning web site and most importantly a determined commitment to low prices, excellent service, and our “customers are Kings” attitude.

In the mid-’70s, Mark left Tower Hobbies to start a different business on his own. In 1984 Clint Atkins, a local Champaign businessman joined Tower Hobbies in an ownership capacity. Clint brought considerable strengths to Tower Hobbies that enabled it to provide even better prices, products and services than ever before. In 2005, Clint, Jeri and I sold Tower Hobbies to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) but continued on in a leadership role. Now, the employees of Tower Hobbies own the company and have a real investment in 100% customer satisfaction.

I started, and Tower Hobbies continues today, with a very simple game plan: offer the finest products available at the lowest prices and to provide absolutely the finest service. This game plan is a lot more than just a plan — it’s a promise. A promise that is honored by each and every dedicated employee of Tower Hobbies. All of the dedicated employee-owners are Team Tower Hobbies and their personal and professional commitment to excellence is your guarantee of total satisfaction and outstanding value.

Clint, Jeri and I thank you for your loyal support all these years. Our employee-owners will continue to do everything they can to constantly improve Tower Hobbies to serve you even better in the future. You always have been and certainly continue to be absolutely the most important reason for our very existence, and we promise never to forget this simple truth.

Remember, your total satisfaction is personally guaranteed by the best team Tower Hobbies ever put together. We invite you to become and stay a satisfied customer-and welcome you to the exciting world of hobbies — the Tower Hobbies Way!

Sincerely yours, Bruce Holecek Founder, Tower Hobbies

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