Axialfest 2014 – Report By Skeeno

By AR on Aug 18, 2014


Well it was that time of year again, Axialfest Time!  Did you make it out?  The Skeenos did, and it was an awesome way to spend Father’s Day Weekend.  Skeeno Jr and I had another great time.  If you didn’t make it, you better make plans for next year.

Here’s how it went down around the Skeenos.


First thing was that Axialfest 2014 fell a week earlier than usual.  For me, that meant I had to do a little preplanning, since I would be working up until Friday when Axialfest started.  I didn’t want to be rushed to set up camp the day of the event, so I met Mr. Parker up at Cisco Grove after work one day and set up camp a little early.


Red Rocket kept an eye on G Camp during the week while I was at work.  Thanks Red Rocket.  You did a stellar job.

DSCF1073 (2)

For the rest of the week, it was a little hard to focus on work knowing good times were just around the corner. Finally, Friday came and I was able to sneak away from work early, scoop up Skeeno Jr. and head up to Axialfest 2014.  These signs made it easy to find the new location at Cisco Grove Campground.


First thing I saw was Mr. Tree strutting around. He was actually prepping the mud pit. Sweet shoes big boy.


Since the buckets were heavy, Tree got some assistance from Mini Meeks.


I walked around G Central and saw lots of familiar faces. Here I saw Bender, Rodney, and Sam Trujillo of Rock Armor chatting.


I also saw Anthony Rivas.  He is a huge part of the G Crew, Parker’s right hand man.  He was actually smiling.  It must have been because the craziness hadn’t started yet.


A few people were still driving on the Trials Course.  Here a Toyota runs through the Axial Alley.

DSCF1006Axial Alley was a popular spot to run.

DSCF1004 (2)

Before the start of the the G6, I had some business to conduct.  I was the official cook of the G Crew for Axialfest. I had this view for every meal.


4 pounds of Tri Tip should keep the G Crew happy.


My cooking must have been ok, because the G Crew seemed to enjoy it.  Rivas didn’t get to eat with us because he was tasked with manning G Central all weekend.  Don’t worry, we sent him up a plate.

DSCF1003 (2)

Skeeno Jr hustled to get her new G6 Jeep ready for Stage One. It was its first real usage other than street testing back home.

DSCF1017 (2)

Turnout was pretty impressive.  I mean, it’s always a good turnout, but Axialfest 2014 shattered attendance records.  Could we see 500 next year?  I think so.



After the driver’s meeting it was go time. First stage was a night run, so you better have packed your LEDs.


It was a little crowded for a minute until the drivers spread out. Skeeno Jr. was anxious to get some real wheel time in.

DSCF1049Skeeno Jr’s new G6 Jeep did awesome on its inaugural run. She ran it completely stock with a 55T motor and 2S Lipo. It did AWESOME and finished without any issues. This G6 Jeep is the Bomb!


It did so well, Skeeno Jr. had to slow down and wait for some slower traffic.


That’s Trail Marker 216.  Stage one had 500 for the Adventurists and 1000 for the Ultras.  That is maximum drive time.  I hope you remembered to pack some extra batteries.

DSCF1080Here’s Skeeno Jr. steering clear of the river.  Her ESC isn’t waterproof…yet.


Stage 1 went late into the night.


Good morning, time for breakfast burritos.

DSCF1027 (2)

There’s that mud pit.  Some people were a little scared to get dirty.


Don’t worry, he took the first run a little slow, but then he got her dirty.

DSCF1020 (2)

Others were so eager to fling some mud that they flung themselves.

DSCF1021Old Blue Bastard is never afraid of getting a little muddy.


The bridges on the Trails Challenge were quite challenging.  You needed your A-game to pull some of these lines.

DSCF1047This suspension bridge bucked off everyone.


This kit didn’t need the Pull Pal RW60 to get up the hill climb even though this hill was steep and silty.

DSCF1056 (2)

I saw some sweet custom 1:10 Trasharoos.  Do you have monogrammed accessories on your kit?

DSCF1065 (2)

Of course the Bautista Terror was at Axialfest.  It goes to all RECON G6 events.  It’s also known as the Driveshaft Killer. It’s claimed more than one of mine.


Stage 2 took us back down by the river.


Lunch time, Beer Brat, anyone?


Skeeno Jr. and I kept seeing these Yetis.  They were a little creepy. Turns out that the Yetis were a promotional gimmick for the new Axial YETI. I’m sure you’ve seen it.  If you haven’t, go check it out here:


Stage 3 of the RECON G6 was a treasure hunt to capture a Yeti.  Successful hunters got a sneek peek before the Yeti was announced to the public.  Here, a lucky G6er drives his Yeti back to G Central.

DSCF1075One thing I love about Axialfest and all the RECON G6 events is the families that come out.  How many times have you seen daughters come out to drive an RC car?  How about whole families?  It’s quite common at Axialfest.

DSCF1084 (2)The Meeks are old RECON G6ers from the 2.2 comp days. Now the whole clan comes out to drive.  How cool is that?


Here’s another Mother/Daughter combo. Cassie’s daughter was a little camera shy.

DSCF1089Hold up, what is this?  Many vendors made their way up to enjoy and support Axialfest, but Werty Made Products did it right. They brought a movie projector and inflatable hot tub to relax in after a long day of driving.

DSCF1092 (2)

DSCF1093 (2)

The rocks down at the river were slickery from years of polishing.  Once your tires were wet, these simple climbs became difficult.

DSCF1102Even if you couldn’t make an obstacle, there was always someone to lend a hand.  Here a driver gets a little tug over a tough patch.


There’s HoyFab’s 6×6 waiting its turn.  When you are trail running, sometimes you have to be patient.

DSCF1081Dropping in down by the river.  Slick rock and sand is a nasty combination.

DSCF4015Down at RPP’s Rattle Snake Creek, some drivers had to call for help if they didn’t pack a raft.


Luckily, CKRC gave free rides to anyone in need.

DSCF4003Skeeno Jr. wasn’t skeerd, she jumped right in and pulled her kit to the safety of the far bank.


After the river crossing, Skeeno Jr. panned for a little gold.  She found a nice nugget and put it in her scale Trasharoo.


After sitting in the hot tub all night, Werty considers sitting in the stream. That, or he was taking some pictures of his trucks.


Stage 3 and still smiling.  Axialfest must be a lasting good time.


Well that just about wraps up the Skeeno report.  Another year and another Axialfest in the books. It was a great time seeing old friends, making new friends, and making memories with my daughter.  Skeeno Jr. and I are already counting down the days until Axialfest 2015.


The Driver of the Day Awards were waiting back at G Central.  Did you get one?  Look for a complete report on winners in an upcoming blog.


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