Make Your Own RC Vehicle Field Tool Pack

By AR on Sep 26, 2014


scx10 jeep

When you’re enjoying a trail run with your SCX10 or other Axial vehicle, the last thing you want is for a simple problem to end your day early. Going home before the fun ends is, well, no fun at all. The key is to be prepared when your adventure takes you away from the workbench. And, being prepared doesn’t mean taking your whole arsenal of tools and spare parts with you. You can, in fact, pack light with a properly, and selectively, stocked field tool pack and still be more than ready for the typical field repair. Here’s what you should have on hand for your next off-road excursion.

First things first, you need somewhere to put your gear. You don’t need to get fancy when picking a field tool pack. Any inexpensive daypack will do. You may even have one at the bottom of your closet. For an added measure of security, you can spray it will camping-style waterproofing, which help protect your items and also make it easier to clean.

7mm socket

7mm Socket Driver
In addition to tightening the wheel nuts (you check those often, right?), a 7mm socket driver is essential for removing the wheels, which is essential for many repairs.


1.5-, 2- and 2.5mm Wrenches
You could bring a half dozen or more wrenches with you, but that is hardly packing light. A complete set of wrenches doesn’t way that much by itself, but the idea is to have a pack that is so light that you don’t even know it’s there. The three most often used wrenches are the 1.5, 2, and 2.5mm wrenches. This will allow you to do everything from replace a driveshaft to swap in a steering knuckle.


Needle-nose Pliers
Instead of bringing a bunch of socket wrenches, a pair of needle-nose pliers will allow you to grasp most nuts while that hex screws thread into. Long pliers will make it easier to get into tight spots.

spur gear

Little Extras
In addition to the above mentioned tools, it’s a good idea to have a few other items stowed away in your adventure pack. These include:
Cable ties
Extra battery
Assembled driveshaft
Body clips
Spur gear


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