AXIALFEST 2013 Sponsor – Busted Knuckle Films

By Axial Staff on Jun 04, 2013


Axial R/C Inc. is proud to announce that Busted Knuckle Films has been added to the sponsor list for AXIALFEST 2013.

Axial crew was honored to meet the Busted Knuckle Film crew while attending the 2012 King of the Hammers event in Johnson Valley, Ca. More to the surprise and giddiness of one Axial employee, Rodney Wills was stoked to have met some folks from his home state of Alabama while in the middle of the Southern California desert!

Busted Knuckle Films is an adrenaline sports film company based out of Auburn, Alabama. They are extreme sport enthusiasts that film all over the southeast for the DVD productions’ most notable for covering the automotive sport of Rock Bouncing.

“We can cover any event for you and your organization, and provide you with professional DVDs and video. We can even make commercials and sponsorship videos. Don’t sweat the small stuff, we can work with any budget.” – Matt Myrick – Busted Knuckle Films

When asked, why they started Busted Knuckle Films, founder Matt Myrick stated that it all started when he bought his first video camera to capture their off road trips. He wanted to be able to show the world why people spend so much time and money wrenching on rigs only to go out and thrash them, break them, fix them, and do it all over again – ALL IN THE NAME OF FUN! It is all about man and machine against the elements. The more that the Busted Knuckle Film crew went out and filmed, edited and produced the videos for fun and posted on-line, the more people kept telling Myrick that he and crew should make DVDs and sell them. So that is just what they did!

Busted Knuckle Films (BKF) was born. Matt and crew came up with the name because they are true gearheads who work hard on their own personal rigs and bust knuckles just to get them ready for their next outing. The Busted Knuckle crew don’t just film Fourwheeling and Rockcrawling, they live it! If it gets adrenaline pumping and has a chance for bodily injury, you can bet BKF will be there to film and partake in the shenanigans. After all, Busted Knuckle Film crew are just a bunch of camera carrying adrenaline junkies. BKF- DVDs for Gear heads by Gear heads.

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