RECON G6 The Devil’s Crossing

By AR on May 14, 2013

RECON G6 presents THE DEVIL’S CROSSING Las Vegas, Nevada May 4 & 5, 2013 After a the transcontinental journal from Florida, the G Train arrived in Las Vegas.  The Devil’s Crossing G6 was held at the Logandale OHV Area which is about 50 miles Northeast of the city of Las Vegas.  This is the view upon entering the day stage of the Devil’s Crossing RECON G6. 187 The rock formations at this location looked like something from Mars. 188(2) The first order of business was to get G Central up and running. After that, Parker headed out to set the stage. Soon, anxious drivers signed up and waited for the driver’s meeting. After checking in, drivers lined up their rigs hoping to get a favorable starting position. Here’s a preview of some of the fun scale accessories that were seen on the trail. Parker showed the Vegas locals how to use the Fast Eddy Bearings Driver Log Books. 023(2) 024 Of course, before any RECON G6, there has to be the National Anthem.  Boys, take off your hats and thank those who give us the freedom to get our G6 fix. 032 And they’re off…. 045(2) The first trail marker led the G6ers past the WILDNCRZIE Homestead. Check out the sweet Axial sign. 4WD only?  Good thing all Axial vehicles are equipped with full time 4WD. 053 The sandstone provided TONS of traction, but there were also tons of steep climbs. 153(2) Since there were so many steep grades, mandatory tow straps were utilized frequently. 133(2) 145(2) New G Central, drivers had to cross the Pit Bull Rocker.  You had the option of jumping, but only one guy had the fortitude to pull the trigger.  Most crawled the circumference. 121(2) 123 Going down? 067(2) Not sure why this guy has a snorkel on his Jeep.  He must not be from the area. 063 This Dingo driver used his winch and Pull Pal RW60 to anchor himself to the rocks. 196 069 Here’s a part of every G6, on stage repairs.  Don’t forget to bring your tools in your hydration pack. 178 179(2) 180(2) After a full day of driving was the night stage.  A visitor from nearby Area 51 hovered overhead to watch the action. Speaking of Area 51, this Honcho found an alien on stage.  I’m sure he received an out of this world time bonus for finding that. A little Southern Bump was necessary to get up this ledge. 021 (2) I have no idea what is going on here. Actually this is Good Guy Ford pulling a guy down The Plummet tow truck style after the Jeep rolled. 020 (2) Unio made the trip to Vegas.  Did you see him? 029 Can you see how steep that is.  The ledges made the climbs even more challenging. 034(2) Looks like this guy is about to find Unio. 036 (2) Sand ramps are not mandatory, but  highly recommended. 043 There were several natural arches. This one was called the Devil’s Hole. 047 Exiting Satan’s Crevice. 057 Parker loves water, but this was the desert.  Parker went to his second favorite thing, sugar sand.  A little team work helped get you through this. 061 067 Here is the Devil’s Crossing into the unknown. This marked the end of the G6. 074 079 (2) The following day, the RECON Terra-X, or RT-X, was held at the same location.  Some drivers swapped motors or geared up for more speed.  RT-X is a combination of Tough Truck Challenge and Stadium Racing.  Parker likes to call it Sandford and Son meets F1.  If you want to learn more about the RT-X, you can read about it here: 129 (2) Drivers lined up and waited. 166 One the race begins.  All that matters is crossing the finish line first.  Drivers were not afraid to punch it. 092(2) Since this RT-X was not held on an official track, ribbon was used to outline the tarmac section. 093 (2) There was no driver’s stand, so drivers could pick where they wanted to stand.  Some moved around to get better views of their rigs. 095 (2) The parking block is more difficult than it looks.  To much throttle resulted in flips. 096 (2) The favorite part of the track was the Pit Bull table transfer. 098 (2) 099 100 (2) Finally, Parker found a way to incorporate some clear dirt into this event. 169 (2) The Intercontinental Axial Banner overlooked this jump.  It is signed by all the G6ers at every 2013 RECON G6 event. See if you can find your signature on it. 101 102 (2) 106 109 (2) Oopsies.  The toe angle looks a bit off on this Wraith. 121 (2) These guys are all smiles at the end of the day. 189 (2) After the RT-X, Parker got the awards and swag ready. 194 The winner of the 1.9 G6 Adventurist class could not make it to the awards ceremony, so Parker simulated the presentation, so you could Photoshop your face into the pictures. 209 208 207 The 2.2 G6 Adventurist winner received the pink jeep since training wheels are for girls. 206 (2) The RT-X winners received a trumpet so they can now blow their own horn.200 197 He also received a G Degree for perseverance. This guy can fix leaf springs like no other. 204 Here’s a few swag winners. 219 212 210 216(2) 213 214 (2) Thanks to all that made it out to the Devil’s Crossing RECON G6.  If you missed it, there will be another RECON G6 in the Las Vegas area soon.  Look here for details: If you are interested in attending a RECON G6 event.  A full list schedule of event across North America is happening now.  Look here to find and event hear you:


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