Axial RECON G6 – Hunt for UNIO Report – Oroville, CA

By AR on Apr 29, 2013

RECON G6 Challenge presents The Hunt for Unio

Saturday, April 20, 2012

Bald Rock Trailhead, Oroville, California

RECON must be doing something right.  Why else would I be waking up early on a Saturday morning to drive over three hours to drive RC cars?  Skeeno Jr. and I loaded up the Honcho and Wraith, fueled up at Starbucks, and headed out to find Unio.  We weren’t sure what Unio was; we only had the following photo as a clue.

He kinda looked like Bigfoot.  Skeeno Jr. has watched all the Finding Bigfoot shows on Animal Plant, so she was anxious to get the search started. I on the other hand, was a little apprehensive.

About an hour outside of Reno, Nevada we spotted an old friend

Yup, that’s Cisco Grove; location of the greatest RC festival on Earth, AXIALFEST.  If you have never been, call them right now (530-426-1600) and reserve your camp spot for June 21-23. Tell them Brian Parker sent ya.

Like I said, Skeeno Jr. and I had a little drive and the roads were unfamiliar and twisty. We started to worry we had taken a wrong turn when we finally found the sign we were searching for.

We showed up later than we wanted, but still with plenty of time.  We jumped in line to register with the other 55+ G6ers who also were looking for Unio.

I saw this Unimog in the parking lot.  My favorite G Ride is the VW Transporter that was at Axialfest last year, but this is really fighting me for the #1 place in my heart.

Before I go any further, I have to make sure everyone knows this guy. This is Brad Bailey, aka B-Rad.  He is kinda whiney, but he is the #2 man behind RECON. He cried that I never give him any props in the blog, so here you go Mr. Bailey, your very own special cameo. Once known as the invisible man, he is now like Pinocchio; a real boy! If you give him a Monster when you register, you will receive a time bonus.

Parker had a few new details to go over with the G6 veterans and newbies before the fun began; new trail marker colors…..special shout out to Anthony Rivas for staying up all night with the G Crew to get them all made.

Parker told us he spotted Unio the night before and to be on the lookout.  He warned us that Unio may or may not be friendly.

While Parker continued his pregame instructions, Skeeno Jr. and I snuck away to look for signs of Unio.  We found this interesting tree with a unique bubble.  Could this have been caused by Unio?

This was TM1.  It was a little farther up from the start than usual.  Glad I scouted a bit so I knew where to go once the whistle blew.

Finally it was go time.  The first 20 or so trail markers took you up a canopied trail.  It was a little cool and dark in there.

Once you cleared the tree line, this is what greeted you; the largest slab of granite I have ever walked on. The beauty of this place is hard to capture with a cheap camera like mine, but I recommend a visit of this place.

There were many steep inclines, side hills, and crevices to navigate as you made your way to the top.

The Blog Honcho chugged along and made it to the top of the world.  There were lots of cool wind sculpted rock formations up here.

It almost looks like this Bronco is about to catch a wave. Surfing trucks?  Maybe an idea for the Shaka Brah III.

Every course that Parker lays down has to have some clear dirt.  Thankfully, this clear dirt was very pure, mountain spring water.  It even has a little life in it.  These pollywogs will be delicious frog legs soon enough.

Unibomber found some wildlife up on the rocks.  By the way, Unibomber is another unsung hero of the G Crew.  He is usually the one tasked to pick up all the trail markers at the end of the day.  Shake his hand and bring him a hamburger and a Monster next time you see him.

I run the Ultra class, so I can finish up quicker to capture photos. Skeeno Jr runs in the Adventurist class.  Luckily, every time I go to check on her, there is a friendly G6er to assist her.  Here the PLE crew is getting her Wraith righted.  Special thanks to Sumquak and crew for looking out for her all day.

Speaking of helping out.  G6ers are always quick to pull out a tow line to help a rig clear a difficult obstacle.  If you have never G6ed, don’t be shy.  Everyone helps each other.

This guy was even kind enough to wedge his rig into a crevice, so others didn’t have to pull out their sand ramps.

Since the G6 is not a race, and more of an adventure, it is common to see groups running together.   It reminds me of 1:1 trail runs I’ve taken on the Rubicon and Sierra Trek. It’s a great way to get the family outside for some fun.   Husbands, wives, girlfriends, dads, grandfathers, sons, and daughters are all seen at a G6. This was this young lady’s first G6.  The smile tells me she’ll be back.

It was a little hot out.  Don’t forget to hydrate.  Camelbaks are a good idea at any G6.

Elio is just about finished.  Here he drops in at 97

I’m having so much fun, I almost forgot about Unio.  Did you? This guy is still searching.

G6 Two, Electric Boogaloo?  M-Pham decided to do a little RC break dancing.

I have no idea what this guy is doing, but that doesn’t look like the fast line. He probably went to the M-Pham School of Driving.

Break time in the shade.

Uh oh, looks like the Walk of Shame is coming.  Keep your head high little one.  Every G6er does it eventually.

Check out the new Fast Eddy Bearings G6 Score Cards.  They look slick, work well, and come with a 10% off coupon for all Fast Eddy products.

TM80.  This Jeep is making tracks back to G-Central.

Are those Unio footprints by TM81? Better keep your eyes peeled.

This lady was bumping an iPod in her JK.  Every G6er needs their own theme music on the trail.

One last TM before finishing.

Holy Crapoly, what is that?  Is that Unio? Should I run?

Heck no!  Unio was a good guy.  He really enjoyed the Axial SCX10, but the Wraith was his favorite.

He even posed for some selfies.

This is a G6 right of passage.  The Parker Pickup.  Every newbie gets one.

Props to this guy for working hard for his G degree.  He fixed his rig three times before having to do the Walk of Shame.  Better luck next time and may the G be with you.

Drivers of the Day showing off their unique awards.  My favorite is the Top Banana.  What’s yours?

Again we want to thank all our sponsors for making the G6 a great event to use, abuse, test, and G6 Certify all their products. Finishing a G6 is great, but taking home a little swag makes it even better.

The G Train is currently on a whirl wind tour of the US and Canada.  Check the list of events on for details on events in your area.



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