Axial RECON G6 Shaka Brah Classic II – Hawaii 2013

By AR on Apr 29, 2013

Axial RECON G6 Event Report: Shaka Brah Classic II
Location: Kalaeloa Race Park, Oahu, HI
Photos: Rivas Concepts, Kahana Kauahi, Tatum Bautista
Story: Jason Carter

It was a long year’s wait but the R.E.C.O.N. G6 crew finally made the trip back to the Aloha state for the Shaka Brah Classic II. The G-Crew was met at the airport by a couple of familiar names – DTP and JIA. We loaded our bags and headed to Big Kahuna’s for some local grinds – Kalua pork sandwiches, garlic cheese balls, and sumo pizza.

With our mouths broke and bellies full the G-Crew set course for DTP’s place for a bit of wrenching and relaxation.

It was here where we had the RC equivalent of a Bigfoot sighting – Parker broke form, became the ever-elusive WRENCHNMF, and built a set of Axial Icon shocks for Edna.

As an added bonus, Rivas Concepts’ own Anthony Rivas managed to escape his stint in TSA purgatory and join the G-Crew. Seems Anthony’s RCs were viewed by the TSA as items that could be used as a weapon (you could hit someone with this chassis) and he was pulled off the plane after passing through security, boarding the plane, and being seated. After a day’s delay, Anthony made it to the islands but was only allowed to bring one rig, his Mayhem Honcho. To quote the TSA “You can take one, maybe two, but definitely not three.”

DTP took the G-crew to get the best shave ice on Oahu, Magic Mountain shave ice in Waikele.

After a bit of rest and relaxation, the G-crew loaded up once again and set course for JIA’s house for a bit of G6 Pre-staging. Brian Chong and Josh Edwards were also there to greet the G-Crew, hang out, and “talk story”. Brian is originally from Hawaii, but currently lives in Oregon. Brian made the trip down to visit family and attend the G6.

With everyone together it didn’t take long to fire up the smoker. JIA cooked up some bacon-wrapped jalapenos, sausages, burgers, and for dessert – a pineapple covered in turbinado and cinnamon cooked on the smoker. DTP also cooked up crab legs later in the evening. Needless to say, the G-Crew didn’t go hungry.

To work off some of the food and just get out and enjoy the weather, Parker hijacked one of JIA’s bikes and hit the road. B-Rad, JIA and JIA’s daughter, Megan, saddled up and the group headed out for a 5-mile evening cruise.

Parker was really diggin’ the rat bike.

At around 3am we finally called it a night and got some sleep. This year’s Shaka Brah Classic II G6 was set to start with a night stage on Friday followed by a day stage Saturday and a 2nd night stage Saturday night. Sunday’s action was scheduled to consist of 1.9, 2.2, and Pro-V Terra-X action.

With such a full schedule for the weekend, it was decided that the G-Crew should hit the local stores and stock up on supplies. You can’t have a G6 without some of Parker’s Comp Nachos!

It’s still not clear if Parker was just trying to reach the goodies on the top shelf or if he channeled a bit of the Duke during the shopping trip, but all we know is Parker pulled an impromptu surf session between the pickles and canned vegetables and managed to stay on all the way past the mayonnaise. He didn’t hang ten, but we’ll let you guys judge his form.

Friday’s night course kicked off what would be a weekend that consisted of courses that spanned a grand total of 431 gates over three stages. It was nice to drive a night course to start because many of the 808 G6ers had fresh rigs and bodies for the event. That meant the initial scratches and subsequent damage would go largely unnoticed until the following morning.

There were several silver Axial SCX JK Rubicons on the course, each outfitted with a variety of scale accessories and LED lighting. At times drivers got confused as to which rig was theirs and wondered why “their rig” wasn’t responding properly. Friday’s night course consisted of 73 gates and G6ers had to run two laps on the course.

For G6ers that were running multiple classes, upon completion of their run on the 1.9 course, they came back to run the night course yet again with their 2.2 or Pro-V. With IFS suspension, 2-speed transmissions, and big power, the 2.2 and Pro-V classes made short work of the courses.

The following morning G6ers awoke to the smell of food in the air as Auntie Bautista cooked breakfast for everyone in attendance.

With full bellies it was time for G6ers to top off their Li-Pos and make sure their rigs were ready to hit the course.

Saturday’s day stage had some notable obstacles and driver challenges. The rail slide proved to be a challenge for several G6ers, with drivers watching those ahead of them carefully plan their trip down the pipes.

Shaun Bautista prepares to make his way onto the pipes while the crew from Island Driver TV shoots video.

The pipe slide obstacle proved to be a challenge, but dumpster driving provided quite a few laughs, and the few gates near the end of the stage where G6ers had to drive onto the hood of a dirt oval car, up onto the roof, make a U-turn, drive back down the windshield back onto the hood, then across a bridge onto the hood of a Jeep. From there G6ers had to drive up the Cherokee’s mesh windshield, make a U-turn, then come back down and drive to the first driver challenge of the stage – the slingshot. A few more gates led G6ers to another driver’s challenge – the sled pull. From there drivers had a few more gates to the finish line. Saturday’s day stage consisted of one lap of about 143 gates.

Between Saturday’s day and night stages was the potluck dinner. G6ers brought various items for the dinner, with the majority of the meat cooked on site.

We’re not sure what Brian is up to here, but he’s no doubt excited to be back in Hawaii and getting his grub on.

Since Parker loved the cooked pineapple so much, JIA brought two to the event site and cooked them late Saturday. They didn’t last long!

Saturday night G6ers ran the same basic course as they did in Stage 2 but with a few variations in gates to keep the drivers on their toes. Stamp pads hidden throughout the course changed location and colors from day to night to keep drivers aware of their surroundings. As the dew settled in the gates that led drivers onto the dirt oval car and the Cherokee got rather tricky. The dew made everything slippery and the idea of creeping up the mesh windshields was dumped in favor of full-throttle assaults onto the roof of each vehicle.

Sunday’s action was dedicated to one event, the Terra-X. Two classes of Terra-X were on the schedule – 1.9 and 2.2. Since there was a lone Pro-V driver, the Pro-V ran with the 2.2 class.

A few photos from the 1.9 Terra-X action:

And from the 2.2 Terra-X:

Wall ride or half pipe?

With the Terra-X over, drivers made their way back to the pits where awards were given to Drivers of the Day(s) and Terra-X contestants.

It’s hard to believe that the event was over so quickly. Three days of fun passed by in a blur. A huge thanks to Sheldon Aoki for putting on the fundraising events to help get the G-Crew to the islands and the rest of Hawaii RC Crawlers supporting the events.

Until next time, ALOHA, G6ers!


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