Axial sits down with Danny Grimes of Grandpa’s Garage – Moab, Utah

By AR on Apr 23, 2013

Danny Grimes is one of those guys that you see at all the big Jeep related off road events. He always seems to be the center of attention, or deep in the mix. He is also one of those guys you would love to chat with, pick his brain and learn a few things. The trouble is, he is always moving or being chatted up by someone in the industry and hard to pin down. At this year’s Easter Jeep Safari event, we found ourselves at Grandpa’s Garage for an industry party with Spicer and Walker Evans Racing. We took this opportunity to corner (somewhat literally) Mr. Grimes and learn a little about him, the garage and his fantastic collection of Jeeps, both the collection of toys and full size rigs!

Check it out!


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