Axial RECON G6 – Trifolium Event Report – Grass Valley, CA

By AR on Mar 24, 2013

RECON G6 Trifolium

March 16, 2013

Greenhorn Campground, Rollins Lake, Grass Valley, California

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the RECON crew packed up and headed out to Rollins Lake in Grass Valley, California.  This was a new location for a RECON G6, so I was eager to check it out.

While paying my day fee at the honor box, I spotted this familiar sight.

The G Crew were already there and many eager G6ers were lining up to register.

As usual, I looked around to see what interesting things I could spot in the parking lot. First thing I spotted was this Half Cab FJ.  I do love the Half Cabs.

I also saw this pretty sweet 6X6.  That’s a lot of link going on there.

The Pham Mobile pulled up.  He was loaded up with lots of goodies.

While checking out Pham’s trucks, I noticed this sweet Chassis Mounted Steering setup on his SCX10 JK.  These will be available from Vanquish Products soon. You can also see the replica Currie Axles in the photo.  Pham always has the cool stuff.

I also spotted these sweet Wraith axles.  They are GCM A-13 MetalHead axles.  You can get them in center or offset pumpkin.

This Dingo/Land Rover had an interesting body trim.

I snooped around the RECON trailer and found these new shirts.  Are you certified?

Remember this guy?  This is Daniel Siegel.  He lives in Austria, but has been bitten by the G6 bug.  This is his second trip to get his G6 on. He is definitely G6 Certified. Will we see him at Axialfest?

This crew was definitely in the St. Patty’s spirit.  Team Green FTW!

Parker gave his usual pre-start driver’s meeting instructions.  This was an extra long one since there were quite a few new G6ers in attendance.  There were 94 entries, Wowzers!

Once everyone lit their lipos, it was off and running to the lake.  First task was to drop off your boat before heading out on to the trail.

The first part of the trail was along the lake shore.  You know you will be getting wet when Parker sets up a trail.

It was pretty green over here. Must have been a St. Patty’s Day thing.

Around the backside of the trail, the grass turned to this really tacky, gritty rock.  It appeared igneous in nature.  Plenty of traction was to be had.

About halfway through the trial was this sandy climb. It created a bit of a back up. It was good for me.  It gave me time to take photos.

It took some winching to make it up.

After clearing that hill, the third part of trail was an uphill jaunt through the brush.

Keep climbing.

Almost there.

Phew, finally the top.

The Pull Pal Posse Posed for a Picture.

You may have noticed a lot of young ones on the trail.  I did. Even infants can G6.

Pilot and Navigator.  G6ing is family fun.

Hmm, right hand drive? That must be the JK Euro Edition.

After the climb, the hiking got easier as you descended the fourth section.

At the bottom of the hill was the Get A Hobby crew. They had a little shop set up.  Special thanks to the G.A.H. crew for fixing my daughter’s Wraith while I was running in the Ultra class.

The Get A Hobby Crew set up a special skills section.

The high light of the G.A.H. Skills Course was the zip line.  The what? Yes, a zip line.

After the zip line, drivers had a little walk back to G Central.  Hope you packed an extra battery.

Don’t think you are done.  The Austrian Arena had to be conquered before finishing.

Awards time.  Remember that Finishing a RECON G6 is like winning a RECON G6, so even if you didn’t get an award, you are still a winner.

And of course, we must thank all the sponsors that donate finishing prizes. Axial Racing, Pull Pal, Pitbull Tires, Vanquish, PLE, Rock Armor, BPC, Fast Eddie, Kling On, Get A Hobby, and everyone who helps out.

If you ever see this trailer headed down the road, just follow it.  A good time will be had wherever it stops.



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