Project Wrexo – Body Off Photos

By Axial Staff on Mar 01, 2013

Most of you have seen a couple sneak peek photos of the latest project I have been working on dubbed “Project Wrexo.” Here are a few more teaser shots for you to check out. More details will be released on this project soon, as well as some video. So stay tuned to Axial’s blog for the latest!


  1. Default_avatar Jeffrey McGraw Posted on 2013-03-01 11:43:18

    I am a huge Axial fan now that I have a wraith. I would be O so happy to put this to the test and report back with weak points of possible ways to improve the next great creation made by Axial.
    If nothing else, know that this looks like a wicked machine

  2. Default_avatar Vehar Posted on 2013-03-01 11:53:59

    I am actually impressed with the look this took on. good job!

  3. Default_avatar Alonso Llanos Posted on 2013-03-01 12:44:42

    This is badass. is

  4. Default_avatar Matt Posted on 2013-03-01 16:43:23

    So when will a kit like this be released ;) I’m sure it’s not just me who wants one!

  5. Default_avatar ganbolor Posted on 2013-03-01 17:10:06

    really like. want

  6. Default_avatar Eric Posted on 2013-03-03 21:58:56

    hey I love the new build. how can I build a rear end like that for my wraith?

  7. Default_avatar Austin Boyd Calfee Posted on 2013-03-04 06:33:03

    And please sell in kit version

  8. Default_avatar tgh117 Posted on 2013-03-04 13:03:53

    Love the use of the old AX chassis there to make the shock mount brackets. That’s a good use for that, and everyone has them laying around. I look forward to the details.

  9. Default_avatar james clauss Posted on 2013-03-07 21:27:45


  10. Default_avatar james clauss Posted on 2013-03-10 12:27:27

    How about narrower axials for more of a crawler scale?

  11. Default_avatar Vineet Sukhthanker Posted on 2013-03-11 04:04:15

    when it wil be launched im exited to buy it

  12. Default_avatar alex Posted on 2013-03-12 05:23:50

    Nice car

  13. Default_avatar Adrian Posted on 2013-03-15 18:24:37

    How about a prototype rock racer to compete with the Vaterra Twin Hammers.

    I have been sorely tempted by the dual speed Twin Hammers, love my Exo and think it would be good to have something similar with compatible parts to the Exo.

  14. Default_avatar Jelico Posted on 2013-03-17 22:41:48

    Would be nice to see a kit version.

  15. Default_avatar G.Bean Posted on 2013-03-26 08:15:52

    This should be offered as a kit.
    See the Ultra4 IFS wraith builds on like the one I linked to in the URL…

    Integrating the rear cage from the exo buggy is so nice.

  16. Default_avatar Axial Posted on 2013-03-26 10:06:04

    Thanks! The old chassis plates work great for this application.

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